need to make a quick decision on patio step to driveway

yumnabAugust 23, 2013
We widened our bedroom by taking about 5 feet from our patio area. This area will have a 6ft french door into the garden. I need some help trying to decide the best way to build the step leading down from the bedroom. Should it be a one level wood decking with a concrete step leading to the driveway? Or something else? I am having trouble imagining if that will look good. I've included some pics in case it helps...Ideas anyone?
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I think your suggestion of the deck is a good solution. I think it's fine to ignore whats there and build over it.
Is this the front of the house? If it is you're going to have a more prominent door than your front door. You may want to have a 5 or 6 foot fence built about 10 feet out in front of the whole wall, fencing in the AC units with a gate on the far side. You could leave a small opening or gate facing the AC units for your exit. If it's not the front, nevermind.
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The French doors are leading to/facing your driveway? Is this the backyard? Can you take a picture of the view from the French doors? Your house/patio area looks fairly traditional ...I would think sticking with the material and look of your current patio (if you are not changing it) would be the best way to go...maybe mimicking the curve of that patio off of the French door patio/walk-out. You may be able to get away with a deck that is curved similarly to your current patio.
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Is that curved patio tile? I just took a closer look and it seems to be a slate tile.
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thanks for your thoughts!
it is the back of the house, and the garden is a bit of a disaster, (i am no gardener!) but it is small & has a couple of great trees. No pics of it currently, since its filled with building materials, but I attached a pic from before construction. The french doors are going to be next to where you see the A/C units. By the way - a/c units are being moved to the side of the house, so one less eyesore.

I think the decking is probably the best best and I love the idea of trying to curve it to match the style - will try drawing some options!
The patio is slate tile, and the patio itself is gently curved. Matching slate tile for the deck was my first choice, but would involve pouring concrete footers, and $$ I don't have right now.
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