4-inch recessed lights and halogen bulbs
August 24, 2013 in Design Dilemma
We recently built a home and put 4-inch recessed cans throughout. We are having trouble with regular incandescent bulbs....they burn out after only a few weeks. The builder is now telling us we have to use halogen bulbs. Any opinions on quality of halogen light etc would be very helpful as we work to figure this out. Thanks!
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Fred S
4" cans are too small and hold in too much heat. That is what burns out the bulb. What kind of trim are you using? Can you post a picture? You need a PAR halogen and as much breathing room as possible to make much difference. Are the cans IC rated? Are they buried in deep insulation? The heat needs a place to escape.
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Ironwood Builders
Halogen lamps create a lot of heat, maybe more so than incandescent lamps. They do survive that heat better, true. Do the lights ever go out of their own accord? Most manufacturers but a thermocouple in their design to prevent fires, especially the insulation contact (I.C.) rated fixtures. If things get too hot, the light turns off until things cool down. Halogen light runs about 3000 Kelvin, so it is a warm white light. There are retrofit LED drivers for recessed cans as well. Look for something in the 2800-3000 Kelvin range for light similar to your old incandescent lamps.
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PaintColorHelp.com Dallas
Hi Nelsons, I had a similar problem in my office. Lights kept blinking off. I thought it was wiring and it scared me. Turns out the heat was tripping them. If you have loose fill insulation over them in your attic, it will make the problem even worse. I solved my dilemma with LED bulbs (I HATE fluorescents!) and was satisfied with the result. LEDs never get hot, even when they're on for hours. And while they cost more upfront, they last for years. If you like traditional lightbulbs, consider the Warm White LED. If you want a little crisper light, try the Bright White. Avoid the "daylight" which oddly enough seems like it would be the most natural feel...instead it goes blue.
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Thanks for the feedback. Will figure out how to post a photo. I also had someone tell me today that halogens can be dangerous because you should not look directly at the light source - will hurt your eyes? So if kids are on the floor and look up into the lights?? Sounded odd, but thought I should check it out!
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I replaced all the bulbs in my house to LED's. Love the fact that they now come in warm white. May have cost a small fortune initially, my electric bill dropped immensely the first month. Now if I can only get my kids to shut the lights when they leave the room.....
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Fred S
I suspect someone is referring to the blue spectrum of light in a halogen bulb. Anything but a standard warm white bulb will have more blue in it. They have been claiming something similar to that with fluorescent bulbs for years. Now they are claiming that LEDs could be the worst because they actually have blue lights in them to create a full spectrum light. Halogens are actually an incandescent bulb with a different gas in the bulb. The fact that it is hotter makes it a fuller spectrum bulb. This means you can use a lower wattage to get the same light effect. They are designed to run hotter on purpose and will last much longer. Here is an article on the supposed effect of blue light on your eyes. The thing is that you should never look into any bright light. http://m.livescience.com/31949-led-lights-eye-damage.html
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