What goes with lantern tile?
August 25, 2013
I recently bought a 1925 bungalow and am renovating one of the bathrooms. I plan on black and white basket weave tile on the floor. On the walls I want to use white Merola lantern tile (an arabesque style of tile) with black trim. I have heard that the lantern tile is difficult to install so I was thinking of using a different tile for the bath surround. My concern is that the bathroom isn't big and that maybe all the different tile would make it feel too busy. If I do go that route, any suggestions of what kind of tile could be used around the bathtub?
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Try white tiles, knee high and half as wide. The less lines the bigger the space feels. Caulking makes your lines so determint the longest lines and place your tiles to exxagerate the length. It's an optical illusion you can enjoy every time you take a bath or shower. If you are considering spotlights, remember to not place them directly over your tub or you will be blinded rather uncomfortably when you are in your bath. Light your floor and your face in the mirror, not in your relaxing zone - the bath .
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