Mid-century modern - replace wood paneling, redo floors... ideas!?
August 26, 2013 in Design Dilemma
I want to pretty much redo the inside of this house from the 60's:
-replacing wood panels with drywall (maybe paint white for now if I can't do all work this year)
-refinish the floors
-do something with the brick?

I am thinking plain white drywall walls, white ceilings, maybe with wood beams or white wooden boards for texture. Paint brick white and put cement heart, make the clerestory almost all glass, and re-stain the floors (thinking something very light, grey-whitish?).

Keep in mind the exterior cedar will end up being a light charcoal stain, possibly with black frames for windows/patio doors. The kitchen will be black counters with reclaimed wood on back of half-wall facing living room.

Any opinions, ideas, things to keep in mind are appreciated. Thanks.
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Oh, and ignore the furniture - that's from the old listing photos. I will have mid-century pieces and a big comfy low sectional.
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Matilda Bos Design Studio
Hi.....Have you thought about leaving the wood and painting over it??? The floor I would do a dark espresso, and brick BM Cinder. The fan should go, and recessed lights or low-voltage tracs for lighting. The clerestory
windows are great and should be all glass. If you were going to replace the sliders, I would put much taller
windows/sliders up to the line in the paneling, MCM has a lot of glass, one of it's many charms. The beams
aren't really necessary, but if that's what you want I would choose white. Your house is wonderful and when the exterior is done in charcoal it will be great. Check on Houzz for deck railing ideas.
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@ Matilda. Thanks. Was actually considering black floors as an option, I've seen some nice modern spaces with those. Could work and probably more forgiving to refinish. Yes the fan is definitely going.
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Agreed, painted wood panellings would maintain the oringial 'character' of the house while giving a more updated look.
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Eclectic Design Source
I love mid-century design, and I love wood paneling. From the photos, it looks like its a good quality paneling and not the cheap stuff that always warps and looks funky. I would think about keeping it as is, maybe painting the upper portion of it a soft white.

Generally, I don't like to paint over brick but in this case I don't feel like the original brick lends anything significant to the space and painting it (again, soft white) would help break up the orangey-brown tones in the room.
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What a lovely house and setting. Large black frame bi-fold doors, possibly paint the brickwork very dark grey. I like the wood panelling on the walls. Ceiling flat (looks like textured at moment?) track lighting. I think flooring the tricky thing as want it to flow & gel with outside. .?
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Ultra-tec Cable Railing by The Cable Connection
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I almost always hate wood panelling, but in this house it works. If it's in good condition, like it looks, I would keep it. I would consult an expert in mid-century houses before I changed too much. You have many features worth keeping! Tiptoe through your remodeling decisions.

The floors also look great. I don't know why you would change them. The eye-sore is the fireplace brick. I would spend my energy figuring out how to make a new fireplace in keeping with the style of the home. The ceiling doesn't look that great in the picture, so I'd fix that up, too.
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Oh, I see this is old (so why did it come up on my feed?). What did you decide to do? Pictures?
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Wow. You're going to get rid of the wood paneling for white drywall? What a way to really ruin this beautiful house. I thought you were joking while I read your ideas, only to realize you were serious. A lot of people dream of coming across a mid century modern home like this, so they can preserve its architectural integrity for themselves and possibly generations to come. Tragic.
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We just bought a MCM and yours reminds me of ours. Can you tell me what paint color did you use outside?
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Year old dilemma
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