Family room feels cluttered/fireplace surround upgrade
August 26, 2013 in Design Dilemma

I love the items in our family room which is the heart of our home - but it just feels a bit cluttered (yes, the dog toys and bean bag chair don't help!) and I'd love any suggestions on how to pull it more "together". Also, the fireplace surround just doesn't fit in to the feel of the room and I'm thinking of painting it but not sure that will really help.....look forward to your thoughts and suggestions!
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Gantt's Decorating
Anytime you have such strong contrast between the floors and rugs and the walls the room will feel small and cluttered. I doubt you want to get light furniture so that leaves you with paint the walls a medium tone closer to the furniture shades, perhaps a goldish color close to the wood floor shade. At some point replace the off white carpet with a soft sage or god/tan to go better with painted walls. good luck, Bill
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I like your bold fireplace art!

Your fireplace surround should be the least of your worries. If it really really bugs you, just paint it in a high gloss enamel in the same color as your wall to make it "disappear".

Your line up of small red side table, TV unit, desk, dog crate is a problem. Can you get a bigger TV cabinet for stoage & jettison the side table, desk? Can dog crate move somewhere less conspicuous? Or can the little red table fit beside one of the chairs?

The random assortment of stuff on this array of case pieces needs to be paired down. Perhaps put the photos on some floating shelves? Random lamp/candle assortment is not working. Tiny lamp is not appropriate for this room. You can repurpose your berry wreath on the coffee table with one of the candles in the middle.

The mirror seems lost. I'd remove it & replace it with a nice tall plant.

Hard to tell size of the room. You may want to try moving couch to face fireplace (depending on how much room, the desk may be able to fit behind it). Then group the 2 chairs (with a table between) where the couch is now.).
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Sometimes you just need a good old fashioned cleaning;) Not that it looks dirty, but I mean overhaul wise. I would seriously just take everything down and out. Paint the room and be selective as to what you put back, especially all the trinkets, photo's, lamp, and pillows. Sitting around talking about it gets nothing done but procrastination. My motto like NIKE is * JUST DO IT* ;) and Lowe's * Never stop improving*
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I think I see four similar height casegoods pieces on the TV wall, all loaded with stuff. Looks like you have decor build-up. If it isn't to sit on, remove it from the room. That means lamps, pictures, mirrors, tables, even the TV. Box up and label the stuff you feel you have to keep as either warm or cool season decor and use only the current season when you put things back. Once it is cleared out roll up the pale area rug. Take a look at your room and ask yourself what has to come back into the space to make your family comfortable but not crowded. Be tough on yourself and justify every addition you put in the room.
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Hang family photos, bunch all candles on the fireplace, take the wreath off the wall.
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All- thank you all for your input....hugely helpful! I cleared out the room, found a single piece in the house I could use to replace the Tv armoire (bigger), changed out the wall hangings and it is SO much better....longer term plans for paint and darker carpet....your feedback was great.....thanks so much! (Yeah, bean bag chair still here but the kids and dog will flip if it disappears)
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