Arts and Crafts landscaping
Monika Jones
August 26, 2013 in Design Dilemma
Any ideas on landscaping for this McCraftsman home? It will soon be repainted a very light yellow-beige with cornflower blue trim. Help.
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Gosh, I don't know about yellow with cornflower blue trim on a craftsman! How about a pale sagey- olive with cream trim- dark brown accents.
As for planting: a planter bed in front of the house would look nice with taller plants in back, medium, then short (layered) with dark green, burgundy/green, silvery green in front (like mondo grass). You could extend the walk into the grassy area trimmed with stone and maybe a step with a short stacked stone pilaster or two with lanterns in arts/crafts style.
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BLDG Workshop
I would agree with deedeedavidson, it might be wise to get some further opinions if it's not too late to reconsider those paint colors. Generally, I like deedee's landscaping advice as well. The Craftsman tradition has some heritage in Japan and I find marrying in that type of landscaping always works well. A very minimalist, zen-like aesthetic probably isn't going to work in your case, but some Japanese Maples and maybe even a topiary cedar (think Bonsai Tree) or two would look really nice.
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Monika Jones
Deedeedavidsondesign - would you get rid of the latticework?
   August 26, 2013 at 5:55PM
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I did think of that- don't know how hard it would be, but it is a good idea. The lattice is Victorian, not arts and crafts. Could totally improve your look!
I have attached a photo I took with my phone of the color scheme I mentioned- sorry it's not a good pic, but you can see the green, creamy vanilla and dark brown. This is a ranch style home, but it would look especially nice on a craftsman!
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I agree 200 percent with Dee that lattice is very Victorian and definitely not Craftsman. I also agree that yellow and blue are definitely not Craftsman colors and that sage and cream trim would be much more appropriate to the style,
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Monika Jones
I took your advice and removed the lattice, and used a gray/olive , muted brown, cream accents, and forest green front door. I love it! Thank you everyone. I think I need to get rid of the lawn in the front and add a path to the back gate for interest, as well as a japanese-influenced landscaping. Any other suggestions?
   November 22, 2013 at 8:33PM
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What a big improvement! Love the vines flanking the window and tall junipers on either side of the garage. If you are in a zone that raphiolepsis work well in, you might try them in a row behind the walk at the front of the lawn - to create separation and a bit more privacy. I might turn the row back 3 deep along the drive on each side so you can still enter the grass area from the drive but not along the sidewalk. Raphs are flowering evergreen shrubs, so substitute that in your zone. Keep them trimmed to height of front sills . Zen influences can happen out back where you really get to enjoy them.
   November 22, 2013 at 9:01PM
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John James O'Brien - Design for Inspired Living
Your place looks great - but just to clarify, latticework is not at all limited to the Victorian period- lattice work is common in Edwardian and Arts & Crafts homes, but more there are regional norms to consider as well. It has more to do with proportion, the size of the lattice,, square versus diamond openings, etc.
   November 22, 2013 at 9:14PM
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The house looks great! Beautiful color choices, and happy to see the lattice gone. Usually craftsman landscaping is a little more free-flowing, woodland. So maybe a free-form planter bed with granite boulders, tall grasses in dark red and green, mixed in with evergreen bushes. River rock is also common in a craftsman landscape- maybe clad a mailbox or lantern post with it.
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