I need help with my entryway/foyer.

Herbal BohemiaAugust 26, 2013
Hi, I RENT a 2-storey townhouse in Australia. I have searched for inspiration for under-stairs storage but it appears that the stair well I have is quite odd & different than anything I can find online. Also at this stage what ever I put there needs to be temporary.

I also have an antique dresser in the foyer - it is very functional with the storage and the mirror is handy for last minute checks but at times I find in dominating to the space.

I would appreciate any suggestions.
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Have you considered asking the landlord if they can build something for storage in this area? If they simply nailed a sheet of plywood under the first (shorter) layer of stairs it would hild things over there, and maybe made a door that closes, attached with hinges to the wall to the right it would hide what is open there. Both could be painted white to match the walls. I can't believe you are the only person that would complain about this when they are renting. It honestly wouldn't be that expensive for them to do.

I actually kind of like the antique dresser. I think it feels "dominating" because of all the things on it. Maybe just clear it off and let the piece speak for itself? If you think it needs to have something on it, I think the 2 candlesticks should be all there is.
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Herbal Bohemia
Thanks for your suggestion - I like the idea of a hinged door. As for the dresser I did give it a tidy up in the afternoon (photo to follow).
I have always treated my rentals as if they are my own home - I think no matter where you live the space should be respected. I have seen people living in small homes almost the size of my entryway and seeing the space wasted or at least not tidy makes me cringe :-)

Thanks again.
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Herbal Bohemia
This is my dresser tidied up. I just bought the Shaolin statue for this space so he has to stay.
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The dresser is rather great! How would it look if you turned it the other way so it blocked off the open storage under the stairs? If it would even fit. You do have a bit too much stuff on it though it looks better in the above picture. The candlesticks are interesting but don't really show off there. have you tried them on the flat part instead of on the drawers> Also, have you consider anything light and thin to go on the tiny ledge above the mirror. Or tiny and cute? And in place of the blue rug on the floor - how about something bigger? Is the blue rug at the front door or is it a doorway into another room?
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I think that looks better.
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Since it's a rental, how about a shower curtain tension rod with some fabric for under the stairs? You could even use clip rings on the rod so there would be no sewing involved. Then, you could easily get to things, like the stroller. Do you have a cat that currently uses the cat tree? If not, you can turn it on its side and slide it in the back so it doesn't show as much. Love your dresser! Perfect for an entry with the beveled glass mirror and two little drawers above for keys, essentials.
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How about a tall folding screen in the corner? ...one with glass panels or photos...love the dresser.
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love the curtain idea-and I would add a potted palm
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Are you handy with a drill? Just wondering if the local hardware store in Australia sells cheap screens or window shutters that you can add hinges to to fashion into a screen? if this is feasible, make sure to paint it white to camouflage and cover under the stairs. Example:
Tranquility Wooden Shutter Screen Room Divider in White · More Info
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NexG Interiors
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Herbal Bohemia
chemayne - I really like the idea of the window shutter screen idea. I could probably just do this rental or not - though I would ask.
rollifam - a curtain could also work there. The cats occasionally use the pole - your right I could lay it down and they could still use it.
2taniya - the little blue rug is just a carpet off-cut at the front door. I was there when we moved it - but yes I think it needs to be replaced with something else.

Thanks everyone.
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