Corner Fireplace Decorating Ideas
August 28, 2013 in Design Dilemma
Hello - Any thoughts on decorating ideas for our fireplace, which sits in the corner of our TV room/den. The TV is to the right of the sliders/blinds - in the corner on the other side of the wall from the fireplace. This room is an addition off the kitchen that overlooks our back yard. It's a blank slate. I painted the walls mocha and the fireplace white. I built 2 removable "tiers" to sit on top of the fireplace that snuggle in the corner and painted them the same mocha, which hopefully will enhance the ability to decorate the fireplace with multiple levels (or not). The fireplace is so deep without the tiers that it was hard to envision decorating it. The ceiling in the room has wainscoting/beadboard on it. I attached some pictures I took with my iPhone. Hopefully, they are viewable ok. I'll continue to look through Houzz for inspiration! Thank you for suggestions!
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So this addition is new? at first glance, i'm sorry but the fireplace really seems awkward in that corner. I think that's the problem. can it be moved? it would be better on the flat wall if possible. the tiers only provide more angles in an already angular setting. It looks like what you wanted was to soften up the room with the nice colors and lighting, but the angles are the first thing you really see.
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appreciate the feedback. the addition and fireplace were here when we moved in. the fireplace is built into the wall with a gas line hooked up from the basement. trying to figure out how to work with it. i could move it i guess with some work, but wouldn't know where to put it b/c of how large it is.
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Black items up there would play up the fireplace, too........what other accent colors are you thinking of? Black lantern? Just wondering.....IF you took down the shelves and propped a mirror up there with the lantern layered in front of it, what would it reflect?
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hmmm :) sounds like a project. my thought is that usually the seating arrangement is on both sides of the fireplace so that the room seems balanced. I guess if I were you I find out how much trouble it would be to move it. maybe an extension could be put on the gas line? I really have no idea :)
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Dar Eckert
Tree Section Residence

I think I would paint the area above the fireplace white and remove the step display. Large objects would be better than many little things as in the photo. Another alternative is to box in the corner at the same angle as the fireplace and hang some great art above the fireplace.
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I'm not sure if the added tiers work that well in that they serve to heighten the fireplace at the lower part of the ceiling. Perhaps instead a larger wider piece for the center, more near the back with smaller pieces to either side. I would work to de-emphasize the fireplace. Paint the gold in the screen black. Perhaps even paint the mantel and surround a lighter color of the wall color. I would also add drapery panels with color and print that work with the rest of your decor on the adjoining sliders.
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Gosh, I know the WORK you went to to make those tiers and all the math calculating. Hopefully would be able to use this in a different area??? I just think a mirror or some art propped with a little layering in the front and you will be happy!
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Jean O
Hi Kanek1... I just went through this same dilemma ... it is hard to place the furniture around a tv and corner fireplace. What I did was type in "corner fireplace" in the search on this site, and just went through all of them to find a picture and furniture similar to my living room. I moved my furniture around yesterday and very happy with the outcome! :) Good luck! I moved my couch 8 times before getting it right! lol I also think that a nice big plate like the picture above would look great on top of the fireplace! Or a nice big vase or centerpiece.
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Thanks for all the good advice. I took one of the shelves off and added some decorations and plants from what I had around the house to get an idea. I''ll see what it looks like with both of them down too. I'm not tied to the shelves. What I just put up is not ideal stuff in terms of scale, but gives me an idea anyway. I'll keep poking around houzz for ideas.
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Robyn Eisler
Found a couple of images that might inspire you. btw, I like the colours you decided on.

If you want a project then read this redo project for exactly your scenario.
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Hey! I actually like what you did! Very balanced and the colors work together. Very nice!!!
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