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lloyd a. silvermanAugust 28, 2013
in many privileged communities like tiburon-belvedere it is not uncommon for the community design review board to dictate
design requirements for either existing or new built properties.
would be interested to hear of successful tactics used to circumvent what can often be seen as oppressive community control.
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Harding Construction & Sustainable Solutions
I don't view it is as oppressive community control. If a house doesn't fit in with the community, is it really part of the community? I think oversight on what is built is a good thing. I liked Tiburon in the short time I was there. I was put off a bit by some of the newer cookie cutter developments.
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Sustainable Dwellings
You make choices when you buy into these communities... it's kind of like going to Fed penitentiary. You will always know the rules going into the deal, if you don't like it, don't buy it.
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Everyone is presented with all community bylaws and covenants prior to settement. If you don't like what you're reading then don't buy there. Very simple. Communities abound that have no design control.
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lloyd a. silverman
thanks for all the comments everyone...but frankly, sounds like those commenting have not lived or worked in tiburon ...if life here was as simple as "knowing what you are buying into or reading the rules " i would agree with you all...but it's not that easy here. u r making assumptions that what is presented to the DRB does not "fit into" the community. that assumption is blatantly incorrect. as there are no "cookie cutter developments" , no CC&Rs and no federal penitentiary it is clear that those commenting are uninformed as to the process, creative sensibility and tone and texture of this unique community. ...i requested suggestions for effective tactics ...which i still welcome.
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Harding Construction & Sustainable Solutions
Sounds like you need to address your city council not a national message board. How many people do you think live in Tiburon and actively post on Houzz?
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Perhaps you could consider reframing the question as how to successfully work with the design review board to get what you want. Compromise may be necessary. I suggest you identify and review recent projects in Tiburon to see what passed muster. Drive around and look. Spend a few hours in city hall if that's where public records are and be very nice to the staff. Read the rules and restrictions. Read the "helpful documents" as they are called on the TIburon website. Read the minutes of the last year's worth of meetings. Find a builder or an architect who has had several projects built. Asking them about what worked may help you if they do not regard you as a competitor. They may have a consulting fee for spending a couple of hours talking to you.

Often a review board will be impressed with photos of existing houses in the neighborhood with similar designs to what you are proposing, or tours of the actual property if such things as hillside development are involved. If it is a house, you may need story poles to demonstrate mass and view impacts, for example. In my small town, the design review board members pile into their cars to go out and walk the property.

Your bio indicates you have a lot of experience with large organizations. Tiburon is small. Different tactics are successful in small communities than in large cities. You can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar.
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