Master bedroom paint and angles...and NO FURNITURE...PLEASE help!
August 28, 2013 in Design Dilemma
This is a huge dilemma, and I don't know what to focus on..less than a year ago we sold almost all of our furniture to move into a partially furnished penthouse for convenience.
We are now moving into a very large home, and while I'm not concerned about filling the home in a hurry, I HAVE to get bedroom furniture or my mattress will only have based slats in between it and the floor.
Today I am elated to have found furnishings for my kid's rooms that they we all are happy with. Now it's my turn, and while I don't love the paint, it is definitely out of my comfort zone, I have to prioritize by getting myself some bedrooom furniture ASAP.
Any ideas what color or type of furniture I should consider that will work with the paint that is currently in the room?? It's a HUGE room, I am showing it from 2 angles because that is my 2nd dilemma [within the same master bedroom]...the attached "reading room" is shaped very angular... I have tons of space to work with in the main master area, but I am at a complete loss of what color or kind of furniture will be cohesive with the paint and layout. I keep saying furniture...but first and foremost I need help with the most important piece...A BED!
I am partial to platform and low-profile beds, but I would be open to maybe a canopy bed if that might help balance the brown? I am completely stumped...

I have googled brown walls with furniture, and the few photos I came across similar to my paint ruled did not help at all... Step 1- should I focus on the type of bed, the color, or the placement?

Canopy? Platform? Wood? Leather? Upholstered? I don't know where to start on the one piece of furniture I literally NEED the most.

The rest of the home is neutral and has just enough pops of color to compliment the space. It is only my room...from one odd triangle all the way into the bathroom (!!!) that is this brown(ish?) color. Go figure. PLEASE HELP...the whole bedroom is overwhelming...but if I could just get advice on at least THE BED I need NOW.... ***head is spinning***
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Stewarts Point
I think a cream bed and soe texture and pattern in the rug would be quite pretty. It's a lovely space.
August 28, 2013 at 10:54pm   
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If the paint is outside your comfort zone, why try and buy furniture to go with it? Cream would work, but then if u decide to paint the room after all, then you are now stuck trying to work with the furniture.
August 28, 2013 at 11:03pm   
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A cream color would be lovely and allow for a greater palate for decorating. At this point, changing the color would be a quick, easy project. I share your hesitation about the brown. A neutral cream would be much better.
August 28, 2013 at 11:15pm   
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I actually think pairing with silver will make this space a very luxurious retreat for you! So here are examples to mull/drool over. I think a 4 poster or a modern sleigh bed will suit the size of your space. Think glam, think big!
Luster of the Pearl
Hollywood Residence
August 28, 2013 at 11:30pm     
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dlb, I would have to put the painting on a back burner, it really is much larger than it appears, crossing 3 rooms including the master bathroom, so it would be a big endeavor. if we purchased the home it is DEFINITELY one I would take on, but right now I have to focus on getting life into this big empty house! eva, I did not want to go with it meaning match it, I meant to say what color or style WONT clash with it or get lost in it. I thought of cream, but have yet to see anything that doesn't blend. To me, a bed is and would be an investment. Walls I can either adapt to or deal with. I don't hate the color, it is just the opposite of my taste. I like cool palettes. Or at least far lighter...I am going from one extreme (floor to ceiling glass walls in my bedroom that I am moving from to a dark space with no windows. ;o( I think my minimalist and or wispy bedroom would just get swallowed in here. Hmmm...I will sign on here tomorrow and browse some more. I forgot how easy it is to lose track of time on this site ;o)
August 28, 2013 at 11:48pm     
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Angelina Vick
I know you will need to choose furniture first.

Then bedding and decor. =)

Feel free to peruse my site and see what inspires you.
August 28, 2013 at 11:50pm     
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Elegant Domain Interiors
I was thinking an upholstered headboard in a cream color. Check out the Squire tufted bed from Ballard Designs.
It will go with nearly any wood finish and style you end up with for your nightstands. Find a large scale fabric pattern you love and have some drapery panels made from it for those windows, then pull from those colors for your bedding ensemble. Don't go "bed in a bag". A chaise would look fab in that little reading area. Now go get that headboard!
August 28, 2013 at 11:51pm     
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oh how I LOOOOVE that 2nd bed!! it's a wow. a 4 poster may be the way to go...would i drape fabric across it for color or is that just too much busyness? The ceiling fan will be coming down, until today I haven't been able to really LOOK actively for my bed, but now that the kids are squared away I have to make time as I am moving in Sunday, bed or no bed.... oh myyyyyy ;o) ~~~goodnight, all, and thank you for your input. very much appreciated and needed!
August 28, 2013 at 11:55pm     
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