Need help for our new kitchen please!!!
August 29, 2013 in Design Dilemma
This isn't my taste at all! I love shabby chic anything vintage! I was hoping to paint the cabinets maybe a ivory to go with my country style table. I'm stuck between maybe a blue or yellow for the walls? I hate the tiled counter tops and would love some great butcher block ones but I'm thinking we'll need to live with what we have for a little longer. Would a breadboard backsplash look ok?
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the essentials inside
Hi jillmcclymont! Any chance you could upload some more pictures so we can see the whole space?

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Inndesign Inc
I'd love to help also but would like to also see a few more pictures. Painting these would be fine, Everything is so dark but seeing more of the rest of what you have would help more, like maybe the table. I'd love to see you put a cabinet between the frig and range too, you need the counter there and a pot and pan drawer cabinet would be perfect, about 30"wide and maybe you could put your butcher block countertop there.
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The upper cabinets look like the same short ones builders always used, they were just hung high near the ceiling to fake tall cabinets. Could you paint the frames and interiors of the upper cabinets in your favorite color and remove the doors? It would give more of a country feel, of course painting the dark red walls a much lighter color. Even if you leave the lower cabinets black for now, you would be so much happier. Unless you set aside funds for a kithcen re-model, painting and one new cabinet would not be too expensive. An inexpensive rug under the table would cover some of the dark floor and give a more "homey" feel.
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If you paint the cabinets ivory and paint the wall almost any other color that you like, it will be a 200% improvement. You may find you dislike the tile counter less then, too. The tile is fairly neutral and doesn't necessarily draw the eye.
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The fridge looks way to close to the stove. Do you need to move it over a bit for comfort when cooking.
Paint is way too dark for the dark cabinets.
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I would seriously think about extending your kitchen by moving the refrigerator down that wall to the outlet. Add counter and cabinets from the stove to the refrigerator with uppers continuing over the fridge.
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I would do just the island in butcher block.
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Ceratec Tiles & Stone
You could try just painting the upper cabinets in an off white color and the walls light blue (blue Stream cc-730 from Benjamin Moore)
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Soft yellow walls, with cream cabinets, and beadboard backsplash would be nice and light. You could paint the island a French blue.
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Don't forget to change the lighting;)
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Sandy G. ltd.
Shabby Chic is so much fun to develop and it would be helpful to see more of the room.

You could begin by replacing the chandelier over the island with something more in that style.
There are many degrees of shabby chic that have to do with the shabbyness of the chic - have you decided on how far you want to go with this style? the fixtures below are examples of Shabby Chic and of the differences in the look.

Agree with inndesign that a cabinet between the fridge and stove would be a great solution to the energy costs, convenience, storage, space design,etc. Also, agree with all other suggestions above. Making a few of them will change the kitchen dramatically.

Any competent kitchen planner would not have set the fridge next to the stove. I'm positive that your electric bills will go way down once the fridge isn't next to the mega heat-producing stove.
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Jeffrey Brooks Interior Design
Hi, the ceiling is distracting from the space. Repaint it in either a lighter shade of Cream, or, light Blue/Gray (Benj. Moore "Cumulus"). change the ceiling fixtures to recessed 4" cans and install Halogen. Paint the cabinets in Cream. Add an end panel to the open side of your fridge. You can do it with clear quality plywood, some trim molding and a flat wood strip on the edge. This should be painted to match your cabinets. If you like the Shabby Chic thing, consider an embossed "tin" metal instead of tile. The tin comes in silver, copper, and other finishes. Silver or galvanized metal (a duller Silver with texture) will look great with your stainless.
Then, add wainscotting panels from the floor to the bottom of the cabinet above the fridge. You'll want a small crown molding to top off the wainscotting and a 4"-5" baseboard. Now paint this in Cream too. From the top of the wainscotting to the ceiling find a softer color for the wall, maybe a light Blue/Gray, Apricot, Green....?
Along the strip of wall you can then hang a row of plates, trays, etc.
OK last note; Just below the crown at the top of your wainscotting, on the wood, put up a row of coat hooks maybe 18" apart. From these you can hang photos, artwork, baskets, aprons.........use some Grosgrain ribbon or natural twine to hang these objects from the hooks and some of the hooks can have a hat or whatever.
Your floors are beautiful. Add a flat weave rug in front of the sink. Use a different material on the Island from the counters. Keep the materials light in color.
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