Need help with Master bedroom finishing touches
Melissa GibsonSeptember 7, 2013
I can't decide what to put on the walls. The window on the right throws off the symmetry of the room, so I'm having trouble figuring out what and where to place items. The wall on the left is bare and large as well. Also, do I need larger lamps? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. My taste is traditional/classic with modern coastal touches.
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Would it be possible to move the bed with the headboard on the left wall? I don't know where the door is so I can't tell if you can move it or not. As for the lamps, they need to be bigger (at least as tall as the headboard)
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Please take more pictures. It is very difficult without more interior views.
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Melissa Gibson
Unfortunately this is the only way the furniture can be arranged in the room since our furniture is so large (purchased it before buying this house). The first picture is the wall on the left(as seen from doorway) the second is the wall to the right (doorway wall, it is also recessed where the dresser sits). The third pic is of art work I already have that could possible work. Just not sure where to put it. The wall to the left of doorway is all closet.
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I not giving up yet on rearranging the furniture! Can you post a photo while standing next to the bed looking at the opposite wall? Also draw out a sketch of the room with dimensions and also give dimensions of the furniture.

Can try putting your bed coming out from the corner at 45 degrees. That can help sometimes to free up wall space. Then put the lower dresser next to bed as one of the bedside tables.
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Nancy Travisinteriors
Do the whole wall in floor to ceiling with drapes pick a shiny silky fabric that is 2 shades darker than walls. Solid. Then you can center bed on wall more. Yes taller lamps. Make base a accent color and light gray shades. Is that your wall color gray? Silver will also work for accent color, in drapes.
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Nancy Travisinteriors
On other long wall. Add 2 tall 5 -6 ft and wide 24" mirrors in dark thick frames hang low with 2" between them.
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Nancy Travisinteriors
Why is dresser sitting in front of bed? It should be turned around and placed against wall. Put doors back on closet.
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Nancy Travisinteriors
You have too much furn for small rm. what is sitting in front of strange set up with dresser? A TV? If a TV stand remove put dresser in its place and put TV on top.
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Nancy Travisinteriors
pcmom. Though I like yr ideas, I think rm is to small to angle a bed. Need a very big room to pull off that look.
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If you have an entry hall, your 9 drawer dresser could be used as an entry hall piece -- or maybe a tv stand in your den. Of coarse you would have to travel to get your clothing, but I think you have too much furniture in such a little room. My parents currently are doing this after downsizing into a smaller place. They are using their dresser as a tv stand. It works well and no one knows their clothes are in the drawers!
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Trans you might be right there, but I always say "moving furniture is free"! I do think that it might work if that tall dresser could be moved to a different wall.

Poster, do you have a couple of friends and some furniture sliders?
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Melissa Gibson
Thanks everyone for the comments. We have rearranged every way possible already. With the bed on the long wall there was only about 6 inches between end of the bed and the tall dresser. I know that the furniture is to big but I'm not willing to part with it as it's only a few years old and I spent WAY to much on it. Unfortunately we need all the storage space possible and I've already tried to find other areas in the house for it but we just don't have the space (foyer to small and it looked stupid in the living room). Sucks, I know! We are a military family that has to move often, so I'm just trying to make the space look as good as possible with the current layout/furniture. I wish I could afford to buy new furniture for every new house we have to move to but thats just not possible. The closet doors are still being painted and will be hung back up soon. Thanks again for all the suggestions. I really appreciate them!
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OK, nothing will move. I understand. So, back to what you asked to begin with.

I would your two prints to the long wall next to the bed. I think if you replace the small bedside lamps, move both off. Replace the one next to the wall, with a hanging light that would help with the asymmetry, the other could be put on the tall dresser or elsewhere in your home.

Second photo shows transinterior's idea of a full wall of drapery.
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Gantt's Decorating
I hit the wrong button and lost this post so if I seem cranky that is why. I won't waste any time with niceties. Here is what you need to do with this room!!! Take down the window treatments. Find art work that has the colors you want in the room. You will need one large one for over the headboard. The frames should almost match the wood in the furniture. Depending on the size you will need enough( coordinating in color and subject) to hang a gallery arrangement on the large empty wall on the left. The art should start about 12" above the baseboard and go up to about 8" from the ceiling. The one over the headboard should have about 6" to the ceiling and 3" to the top of the headboard. Paint the walls and woodwork trim the "same" color. Doors windows baseboard all of it. This eliminates contrast and makes the room look bigger. It also helps the odd placement of the window less noticeable. If you need daytime privacy on the windows, put gathered sheer on rods tight top and bottom. If the windows are deep enough make roman shades in plain fabric exactly the color of the walls. Now the only thing to focus on in the room is the bed. Using colors a little brighter than the colors in the framed art, dress the bed. Move the bed to the right as far as it will go or until the headboard is lined up with the outer edge of the window trim. This will give you a little breathing room on the left of the bed. Replace the ceiling fixture with something much less flashy. Put much larger lamps on the night tables. IIn rooms overflowing with furniture like this it is important for the walls to be medium to dark so the furniture blends not contrasts with the walls. Unfortunately I don't have pictures, but I have done several rooms with similar problems and this will make the room look as good as possible under the circumstances Bill.
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When you move a lot, simple is good.
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Get an oversize drapery rod and drapery rings, and hang a tapestry.
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Melissa Gibson
Decided to go a slightly different route and bought white linen curtains and new bedding. Still searching for an accent pillow and new lamps. Any recommendations on either?
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