Remodeling 1950's bathroom
September 7, 2013 in Design Dilemma
I am struggling with making a decision to remove a linen closet to make room for a double bowl vanity. What should I do? I have chosen a contemporary/modern style (floating) vanity and I really would like to have a double vanity. The vanity will be custom built and I believe I could have a small linen closet built too. Also, should I install heated floors and remove the current heat register? Not sure if it is worth the additional expense. Opinions valued...thank you.
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Nancy Walton
If the present vanity is 60", it will accomodate two bowls very nicely. Will you be using vessel sinks--that would go very well with the wall-mounted cabinet. The present heater--is it forced hot water or electric? Usually heated floors are low-voltage electric. If it is forced hot water you will need to have a plumber make a connection in the floor underneath, and since you will be tearing out the tile, you could easily have it installed--hmnn, very nice in cold weather.
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I think a double sink is always a good idea. It looks like you could just make a smaller linen closet and have space for both. You will need some of it because with your floating vanity you will be losing storage space there.
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If you use cabinetry for a linen closet, you can save enough space to have a generous double vanity. Kraft Maid makes a 21" tall unit that could work for you. And, it doesn't have 4" thick walls, so you pick up more space.
I drew this for somebody yesterday (shows the concept):
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What is behind the toilet, making it stick out into the room?
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Definitely install heated floors! Likely you will be redoing the tile so most definitely do the heated floors. I am not crazy about double vanities, I think they will one of those dated features 10 years from now. But if you are in the bathroom the same time as someone else and fight over the sink by all means go for it.
Redoing the bathroom is so rewarding! A couple things I learned doing ours; soft close blumotion drawers and doors are a must, shallow depth wall cabinets are amazing! If you can grab space between studs for cubbies, it truly maximizes your storage and you won't regret it
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I have not made a decision about the vessel husband is not a big fan of them but I like the look with the mounted cabinet. The heat is forced hot water.....I chose the tile for the floor today Happy Floors-Monaco Grigio 24/12 and a wall tile that is thin slices of tile...looks like stacked pencils in which we are going to install vertically. The tile store has not had anyone to purchase or install Happy Floor products. I would welcome any comments on this particular brand/product.
September 7, 2013 at 8:53PM   
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The plumbing exhaust vent/stack for the up and down bath is behind the toilet. I am hoping we can gain a few inches when we remove the wall.
September 7, 2013 at 8:59PM   
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Junehhouse, I am planning our main bath remodel. We have the 6 ft double vanity and need to use the space for other things instead. My husband wants to keep space for two at the sinks, though. My solution is to get one long sink and put a faucet at each end. We can both use the sink, each have our own faucet and stay out of the other person's way, but use far less counter space. Look at some of the long rectangular sinks. You will see that you can order them with holes for two faucets.
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