Need shower ideas for my wood-themed Key West bathroom
September 8, 2013
It's time to replace the "waiting for an accident" sunken tub in our beautiful Key West Conch house, with a more practical shower. The house is a rental, so I'll want materials that withstand the cleaning crew's frequent scrubbing, but also want a look that'll complement the unique & funky character of the room / house. Preliminarily thinking about moving toilet to same wall as sink, putting up a fixed / partial glass wall (and fixed shower head) next to that, leaving back half of shower open / doorless. While I'd love to go curbless, will put in curb to ensure no flooding disasters. Anything I should think about design-wise / material-wise to accommodate renters & work with the room? Also, I'm DESPERATE for color / material recos that will compliment wood.
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Your suggested layout sound perfect. I would do a tile shower that complements the existing countertop, maybe a large field tile in the tan of the counter, and then deco tiles that incorporate the other colors.
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I like how this shower/tub space coordinates with the counter:
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Ooo -- neat idea, thanx!
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btw, I'm not married to the current counter top. Can keep it, but it's also possible that moving the toilet may eat into the counter top, so it may also need to be redone. Long way of saying that I don't NEED to match existing colors.
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Any other ideas / suggestions out there?
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