Need help decorating my baby boy nursery

Amina BarriSeptember 9, 2013
I wanna turn this room into a nursery for my baby boy and need ideas on what colors to incorporate for a striped accent wall, which wall to use as accent wall, where to put the furniture ( crib, wardrobe, chest of drawers, changing table and a lazy chair ). I already ordered a romanian curtains in beige with vertical stripes in light blue red and grey. The crib is white the rest are in light wood color the lazy boy chair is also beige. I also wanna put a red wall clock and red small lanterns. Thanx in advance for any suggestions and comments.
P.S: this house is a rental and all we can do is paint :-)
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Granite Grannies
Congratulations on your baby! I like your ideas so far. If I were you, I'd put an accent wall on the wall next to (not across from) the window. Because you already have striped curtains, I'd go with a nice wide stripe for the wall so that the room doesn't become too busy. How about something like this? Good luck!

Shades Of White Baby Room · More Info
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Angeline K
I like that you chose to use red and white exept blue! Also you can use navy blue to some decoration stuff like pillows or the light than baby blue. I think that the walls for now they should be white. It will be more relaxing for the baby. Bolt colors in the room that someone sleeps can wake him up and not relax him, even if you are an adulte. With white walls you can play more with the decoration. Also i think that it would be a good idea to put the crib in one of the corners because it will make the baby fill more cozy . I would like it if i was a baby:p also the crib should be away from windows because in winter it may get cold. A great idea for decoration is stickers made for walls. If you like i could give you a website:) it will spice up the room. Congratulations:D
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Nancy Hehmann
You might even consider vinyl wall art which you can find on Etsy instead of painting! They are awesome and peelable so they do not damage the wall. Disney has a site with some as well. Just input what you are looking for in the Etsy site search engine. is a great site for home items and I know a lot of people who buy custom clothing on there with monograms. So you might want to look at crib comforters etc too.

A great time of life! Congratulations on the baby.
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Amina Barri
Thanks everyone for your comments and I would like to ask Granite Grannies this:can i use horizontal stripes on the wall if the stripes on the curtain are vertical and thin?
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Amina Barri
This is a picture of the initial fabric i chose but it was out of stock so i chose the same model with same Colors but instead of the beige stripe it has two thin red stripes.
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Amina Barri
Sorry i meant can i use vertical wall stripes ;-)
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Belfry Designs Custom Carpets
An area rug for the floor something soft. We do a lot of striped rugs custom to the colors that our clients have in the room. A 3x5 4x6 or 5x7 can be transported easily to another home and if you stay with stripes, geometrics or border rugs the rugs can be used for many years, rather than nursery rhyme type rugs that the child will outgrow.
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Enjoy your little one. Remember to keep decals out of reach of your growing baby. A baby who is sitting decals can reach through crib bars and scratch/peel...put in mouth.
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all your ideas sound good heres 2 ways the stripes can work
Lime stripe room · More Info
Boy's bedroom · More Info

or you can paint the wall the exact pattern of the fabric so the curtains blend into the wall
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South East Installation Solutions, LLC
Do not put the crib or changing table near the window. If it has blinds or even a curtain with a pull cord, babies and even toddlers can get tangled up in the cords a sustain serious injury in less than 60 seconds.
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Safety first ,good tips South East:)
Baby boy's elegant nursery · More Info

Medium Light Blue and Cream Stripe - SY33916 · More Info

Light Blue Toile - AB27656 · More Info

Stork Craft Tuscany Glider and Ottoman with Free Lumbar Pillow in Cherry with Bl · More Info

Horse Plush Rocking Horse - Wooden Rocker · More Info
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older post - folks, please look at date!
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I fell for it again :( Thank you bgfuqua:)
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South East Installation Solutions, LLC
Not sure the age of the post invalidates the legitimacy of the comments.

It was "new" to me when I came across it. It will likely be "new" to someone else who is searching for similar advice.
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