redo off centered cabinetry or redo sconces?
September 10, 2013 in Design Dilemma
My new custom cabinets in our master bath reno are beautiful! However, the designer either didn't take into account that the sink/faucet and sconces are not centered with this design, or didn't think it was a big deal - and it's especially noticeable under the centered window. I was not consulted on this challenge before the cabinetry was made, only shown a drawing of cabinetry without the room layout. What can I do? Move the sconces? or redo the cabinetry? and at whose expense - mine or the designer's since it was the designer's original design decision? The vanity is in an L shape because it turns into a makeup vanity that also has sconces that are not centered, also done before cabinetry was in. My husband's vanity is perfectly centered and looks super! Advice??!!!!! please!!!
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Oh dear ?! I see what you mean ... One possible solution is to take you basin cabinets and centre them on the wall with floor gap equal each side and then spin your dressing table around 90degrees and have it coming off one or other of the walls - that will leave you the gap that was the corner ( ie the depth of dressing table ) to walk past into basin area - but in reality all this is subject to the space you have in the rest of the room - look possible - hence the suggestion! Ie if you have enough space for the dressing table as designed there should be enough room !
I assume you weren't offered perspective drawings or elevations to approve before you ordered ?!
I would suggest you ask the designer to provide free decorative back panelling for the dressing table too if you spin it around like I suggested.
Hope this helps :-)
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Sorry for typos !! I'm not hitting the keyboard hard enough !!
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It looks like they accommodated the dressing table by moving your vanity off center--not good. I would have them correct it.
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Get the designer back in there pronto.
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If you put both drawer cabinets to the right and move the sink to the left it might just work as it is ?!
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