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September 14, 2013 in Design Dilemma
We've just finished buying the furniture we need for our new build house. The living room is rectangular with TV mounted opposite the black corner sofa and entrance into living room looks straight onto the bar. Struggling to tie the whole look together as the space is used for everything and opposite the dining table is a small kitchen with wood worktop.
I love the monochrome black sofa & white bar but I think it clashes with dining area and I'm not sure how to tie it altogether with the grey wall - any help appreciated! Thanks
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You've done a lovely job of tying things together and made some stylish selections.

The only thing I think that is missing is an accent color that is incorporarated into each of the "areas". With the colors you've chosen you could use either red, yellow or turquoise.. Find a rug to fit under the dining table & chairs, and another to fit under the coffee table and front legs of the sofa sectional after you decide what accent color you want. The only print in the room are the pillows, so you could use a geometric print in the rugs in black/cream/gray & accent color. You could then pick the accent color up in some pillows and find a nice low bowl in that color family for the table top.
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I think you have done a very nice job of mixing the neutrals. There is a lot of gray tones in living area so its a little unbalanced. It might help to add a couple of pillows the same linen color as your chairs to bring some of the browner tones into the living area. A rug would help tie colors also.
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Nice stuff! Beautiful space! I'm thinking texture and a few more accents. Can the bar be turned 90 degrees to make it more a room divider? Not sure you want to do anything with the bar (very cool btw), but maybe a simple way to tie it together is to tack down some colored or patterned wall paper inside the back of the bar?
[houzz=Bruce Avenue Residence Lower-Level Family Room 4]

[houzz=Historical Colonial in Pasadena]
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texture: flokati throw or rug?
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Notice the color of the stripes is very close in tone not a huge contrast. Just more brown than your gray.
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Because you have a door to the right on your big window, try moving that curtain panel all the way to the left. Then let the panels fall straight to the floor. That should add a presence of gray to that corner.

What do your dining room chairs look like under the covers? I think the covers are adding too much beige. I would try removing them or adding dark gray ones. If you decide on adding that pop of color to the room, they could be that color on that side of the room.

Your new furniture looks great. Coffee table is very cool. The only observation I have is that the bar appears too close to the couch. Could you move it a bit closer to the eating area?
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Beautiful room/s. A large, low, shiny black bowl on the dining table would help. Fill it with something like grey/silver balls to relate to the frame of the living room mirror.
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I like all your furniture choices b/c they don't all match perfectly like in a showroom.

In order to get the spaces to flow a bit better between each other you can do a few things.

1. Add an area rug in your living space that goes well under the feet of the sofa. You have plenty of neutrals to work with in the room. I think if you keep the rug on the lighter side, you'll like it most, using the Bombay Gin bottle as a good accent color.

2. remove the curtains in the dining room. The panels are too narrow to appear useful & the space surrounding won't allow for wider curtains. Your view is lovely & looks quite private. If you need curtains there for light control during the day or privacy during the winter, then ignore my comment.

3. Shift the bar area towards the dining table so it's roughly centered between the table & couch arm. Get a small side table for that end of the couch & put a small lamp on it. Either a weathered wood table like the dining table or a driftwood looking lamp base. If you choose a linen shade that's in the same color as the dining chairs, it will look nice, too. Or a blue glass lamp (again, that Bombay bottle is a great color reference).

4. Above the bar, either get a large piece of art or hang your photos & some small art as a gallery wall. Make sure it fits within the width of the bar though. Take off the items on top of the bar as they clutter up that area that you'll need for fixing cocktails. Maybe get a small, tall lamp or add candles to the candle sticks. A tiny, soft light source will make those bottles shine.

5. Add a throw to the couch in a similar shade to the dining chairs. The natural linen color looks great with greys & blacks & whites. Or have it be bright & vibrant color. This is a great place to add a nice texture that doesn't cost a fortune (or it can, if you get a fabulous Hermes throw).
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What's on the side of the room across from the sectional?
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I think the sofa side has all the cool metallic colors like black, white and grey while the dining room side has all the wood and warm tones. One possibility is to swap the mirrors to bring the cool metallic look into the dining side. I can't tell what material the dining mirror is made of but if it is not a wood tone, add a piece of art work with a wooden frame over the sofa. The bar is nice but currently looks out of place when it seems to be set away from the wall and there is nothing hung above it. Perhaps small dining mirror can go above bar once you find a big wood- framed art work for sofa wall. Alternatively, the bar could be turned perpendicularly to form a divider as suggested above.
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Rick Alexander
Try moving the bar to a floating position between the living and dining areas. Add an area rug of some sort in the living area. Doing so will define the living and dining areas a bit more thereby diminishing the need for a "matching" living/dining scheme.
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Gantt's Decorating
I see you have a sectional. Since I hate looking into kitchens. I would turn the sectional so the back of the sofa is where the white cabinet is. What I have often done in spaces like this is to put a sofa table behind the sofa. On the living room side it holds a couple of lights and serves as a sofa table on the dining room side it has candles etc and serves as a server.
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Daniel Dionne Designs llc
Do NOT remove the drapery panels. You need the framing of the view and the softness of the fabric. pull them in a bit so they cover the edge of the window frame. The table and chairs look very tight near the window, so I would recommend pulling them to where the bar sits and centering the bar beneath the starburst mirror. This will open the window, expanding the view. Just a thought.... Lovely mix of elements so far.
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I agree that you have 2 separate areas and the kitchen side w/ all that cream color seperates it all.To unify perhaps painting the upper cabinets a shade close to the sofa color.I really think SHARPKL's photo with strips would help add interest to both rooms on the long wall.All you need to do is tape off your stripes and use a clear glaze. You could also use colored plexi placed in the bar,its not permanent like paper.You could also place casters under the bar to give it more mobility or even maybe place it up on the wall if not too heavy and stud placement allows.You could also paint a design on the chair covers.Stripe on the bottom or line down the backs,maybe a racing stripe along the top of the chair back or even large numbers(1 2 3 4)would add a fun touch.If you leave the bar separating the 2 rooms I might pull over the bar stools,that way sitting at the table looking toward living room you don't see a plain white blob.And it gives more space in the dining area.While I like it(bar) there if you have a large get together you can still move it out of the way to the wall and no liquor is spilled(yes I cry over spilled alcohol) LOL,people are bound to try to go around it and thus hit it with their feet after a few.But I think the large stripe along that wall would be a perfect start even if you do nothing else.
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Two mirrors on one wall is a lot and the darker mirror is just that.....too dark for right there. Is the sectional facing a fireplace or tv right now? I can tell the white radiator on the wall is making placement of furniture difficult, too. I do like the idea of using the bar as a room divider.
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I'm not exactly liking how the bar is against the wall. Is there room to move the bar under the starburst? Also, two mirrors on the same wall isn't very interesting. You should have a painting over the sofa and leave the starburst. Here's one from etsy.
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One idea I have had and may as well suggest out loud.......move the bar area in front of the window. It looks like it will fit right there and be out of the way of the door. The bottom part where the good stuff is has a backing, so the sunlight will not affect it. Then move the table to work with it there. Try turning the sectional to create that division there......I can see something on that opposite wall that extends a bit....a fireplace? Bring the sectional back enough to make that work. Not sure what is on the wall opposite the door/windows, though.
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Nancy Travisinteriors
Is it possible to put bar in front of radiator? I see its open so may work. Then center sunburst over it. Love table, but, chairs not working, with yr style. What's under slip covers? Or change to a black and white chevon print. It would help tie the two room. Also some various heights pots in black, white and gray n center of table.
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Nancy Travisinteriors
Also a gray graphic design area rug in front of sect in grays, black. 5x7 is all you need. Love view.
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I was at the fabric store today looking at trims. You could add a black border stripe either around the bottom of the dining chairs or down the middle.I've also seen silvery tulle scarves draped over top with bows (black?) tied in them. I'll see if i can find some pics. When I said tack in the walk paper, I literally meant use some tacky double sided or craft tape to it it in place...something easiest removed.
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