Really impressed. so lovely.
September 14, 2013 in Photo Questions
I've a craftman style home.. exterior is cedar shingles (natural) and white trim. The back of my "U" shaped single level home is wonderful, compete with a pool ( always used). My rose garden is off to one corner graded for three levels. With my theme of white / coral (just joey) roses, black bark and lots of's wonderful. Do your cast leaves ever work as an exterior wall enhancement. I've a very "bare cedar wall exterior..and saw this assortment of "artful" leaves". Have you mounted them on exterior walls? and what are their dimensions?
thanks...most lovely. Congrats....cause I'm a hard one to please. Ha ha..we all to to some degree. BTW, I live north of the GG Bridge, in Tiburon. Ever get to the bay area?
bye for now, jean ann
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Hi Jean Ann! Thanks so much for the complement on my little art hobby. I appreciate it very much! My real job is a gardener/garden designer. Im getting into more art and photography. Your home in the Bay Area sounds lovely! I haven't been up there in quite a few years. We had a sort of craftsman style home in So Cal many years ago. It was craftsman style downstairs then the upstairs was added in the 50's. ( and not done very well, come to find out years later!) My mother and father in law had a home in Pasadena that sounds like yours but they didn't have the garden space that you have. We have since moved to North Carolina and love it.
I have just started making the castings of leaves. The one shown is my very first! I think it turned out pretty well. I'm pleased with it. It's is approx 20" long and maybe 12" wide. Pretty heavy also. I like them sitting on the ground with ground cover growing around them. Sort of "grounding" them. I am going to make some on the smaller side for wall hangings. You know what I think might be pretty.....a grouping of them gathered at the top of a wall then scattering them down the wall like they were falling in autumn. Maybe sycamore leaves as they are a bit bigger than maple. I better gather some a get going on it! Autumn is very close and the leaves are already falling. I am also planning on casting some Tea cup leaves. They are a type of elephant ear only cupped shaped. A grouping of three of them held up with rebar, would gather water when it rains. I think it would make a lovely art piece for the garden surrounded by other plants.
I love people that are hard to please as I am one myself! Very picky! Can I send you a few photos of the pieces I make in the coming weeks and get your opinion on them?
Thanks again,
September 15, 2013 at 10:46am   
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