living / dining room combo design dilemma
September 16, 2013 in Design Dilemma
can any one suggest which is the best idea among the two pictures and why? what are the advantages / dis advantages of each..
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Laurence Tillett
Yikes! This is an easy one.....the first one has better flow. You always want your kitchen to flow directly into your dining area. Now, is there a way to remove the wall (in red) that separates the dining area from the living room? It all looks a bit chopped up as it is now.
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@ Laurence Tillet; Though i agree with you on the flow of kitchen to dining room, the problems which i foresee is the privacy part. In this case no privacy at all, isn't it.. all the bed rooms, kitchen and wash area are facing the guests... Especially when the guest is not that special and much familiar to you...Also, the kitchen smell is open to the living room too.... in the second case, you are straight entering into the living area and you have clear privacy there..also any one in the house are free to move around the bed rooms, kitchen, wash area and the common toilet while guests are in the living room...Am i making sense???.
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Are you able to move the door to bed1 onto the wall and have it opening facing the toilet? Then you could add a slider door to section of the guest rooms.
Remove the red wall and have open living dining
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I would just have the vertical wall in option 1 to provide some separate from the entry to the dining room only.
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option 1 is definitley better. But as other have said, would be nice to rearrange the door opening of master bedroom. I also think would be nice to move the door to bedroom1 as well - to opposite the 1.0m bath(or whatever that room is).
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Try this:
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My goodness---all those doors opening into the living room certainly destroy a lot of otherwise useable wall space! Don't add the red/gold wall---I assume that's a proposed division---I would move all the doors that open into the living area. 1. M/b door to open from kitchen into bath area, this gives a straight shot from the back door---I assume from the garage---into the master bedroom and bath without having to traipse through the living areas to change from work clothes. Since the back door opens onto the wall that also has the door between kitchen and dining room, there is probably no counter or appliance on that wall and it is useless space anyway.
2. The door to Bdrm. 2 should face 2nd bath door so guests or children don't have to go through the living room to get to the bathroom. This arrangement would give good flow from kitchen to living/dining area, (actually a "Great room"), and privacy to all private areas. You would have to remove door, (not the doorway), between kitchen and dining room unless you can put in a pocket door, (only if there are no wall switches or other electrical wiring in that wall).
3. If you feel the necessity for some kind of division between dining and living areas, consider using a buffet that faces the dining area, backed with a bookcase unit facing the living area with a hanging screen above, or a pony wall between the two areas to keep the open feeling while giving an additional place for furniture placement. Just my two cents worth---happy renovation!
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If you live in a colder climate and use plan two, you'll have cold air drafts coming into the living room every time the door is open. The wall in the entry of plan one will help trap the cold air from the living spaces. I too was going to suggest the bathroom door change and eliminating the DR wall from LR. groveraxle's plan show all those changes.
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just to add on..... Our flat is in the 8th floor of a 12 storied, major changes to door positioning is not allowed, since it affects the whole structure...the red separations are temporary ones....
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