nomorecondosDecember 1, 2011
About how much money can I expect to spend to build a 2,000 sq ft house? I already own the land and the utilities are in place. Incrementally, how much can I expect to spend as I go up or down in square footage (1800 sq ft/ 2200 sq ft/ 2500 sq ft/ 2700 sq ft/ 3000 sq ft)?
What is the price difference between wood and cbs construction?
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Cost per square foot varies widely depending on the type of construction, the lot conditions for the foundation work necessary, the design of the house, the location of the house and local labor costs, the types of materials specified for HVAC and interior & exterior finishes, fixtures & fittings, appliances, etc, etc...
...even bad weather can affect your construction costs.

The only way to have a solid number is to choose a prefabricated house and have it delivered to your lot.
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Shawn Lagemann
I agree with bepsf, your geographic location may make a difference as well. I'd suggest that you look at houses around your area and find one similar to what you have in mind. Find out who the builder was and schedule a meeting. They can usually tell you what the repoduction costs are. Another way to control costs is by building cost plus. You pay the general contractor a percentage or flat fee to build based on the cost of materials and labor. The general rule is the larger the "footprint" the higher the cost. Therefore, a 2 story house is cheaper than a ranch. A ranch has a bigger "footprint" for the same square footage a 2 story has. Building with a builder that has built that plan before will save you money as well.
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Thanks so much for this information. I will look at houses in my area for comparison.
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