Exterior decision needed soon on addition, HELP!!
September 18, 2013 in Design Dilemma
Cannot locate a match for our existing brick (home built in 1994).

What to do about the back exterior (see pic) when half is already brick and the other half is our newly built addition?

We are struggling to find a solution. Your suggestions are appreciated!
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you could use brick and paint the whole house. You could use siding similar to that under your bay window. Good luck
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Nice addition!
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Vinal cedar shakes would look beautiful. love the design of your home
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Use stone
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This is a toughie. Perhaps you could use a contrasting stone on the new bay window to make it the focal point and then put a brick on the left side that almost matches the existing brick, with the hope that the stone in between disguises the difference.

Or you could stucco and paint in a color closely matching the existing brick. Or you could put in brick and then paint everything to match, a highly undesirable option given the difficulties in maintaining painted brick.
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I like the idea of stone on the small and large bay window areas but neither have a brick ledge so we are unsure if that's an option - we will need to talk with our mason.

What is most frustrating is how unhelpful the brick supplier in our area has been. They do not seem to care that they don't have a brick to match and just want to sell us what they have. I think I'd rather put relatively inexpensive siding on everything and be unhappy with it than spend more $ on brick that does not match and ultimately be unhappy!

We were able to salvage enough existing brick to use for the front so we are only struggling with the back of the house. Maybe I should note we have a large parcel and will never have backyard neighbors so it may not matter what the back looks like - we will be the only ones who see it!!

Anyone know any apps that could help us do a mock-up with stone &/or siding? I'm really visual and need to see what it will look like before I commit.
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I think you have a plan. Stone on the two bays and maybe hardiplank the whole back. The back of my house is brick and hardiplank and it links fine. But I think brick, stone and hardi would be too much. That stinks about the brick company. You can use a stone facade instead of real stone to save some dough.
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Definitely stone the bay window area ... take a brick and go to another supplier, maybe you will have more luck.
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My experience with Masonry/Stone Contractors is that they want to get the job over as fast as possible using the materials that are convenient for them. They don't know what's available and what's not.

You need to go on the offensive and contact some brick companies yourself that can bring out a haft a dozen samples to match or contrast with what you have and make recommendations.
Believe me, they are happy to do it! And they are knowledgeable about what kind of brick it is, what brick plant it's made in, it's size, characteristics, jointing, etc. I do this all the time.
I suggest looking up Brick Manufacturers on the Internet & making some telephone calls. Where I live I can go to brick showrooms and see everything I want. I'm particularily fond of Glen Gery and Belden Brick - there websites are very informative.

Seeing how masonry lasts a long time and can be expensive you want to take some time to get exactly what you want.
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Revolutionary Gardens
Unless things are different in your area, each brick yard sells their own product. I don't think they're being callous and uncaring, they just don't make your brick and therefore can't give it to you. It's no different than me going to a Ford dealer and asking to buy a helicopter. They'll happily sell you the best four-wheeled transportation they have, but they don't make helicopters. This is why, if you have a very specific, hard to match brick it can be worth visiting several brick yards.

By any chance, is there enough brick left over that your mason could do brick quoins on the corners and do the rest of the walls in a complementary stone? That would help unify the materials used on the home and keep it from looking like an oops.
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You misunderstand. (Callousness and uncaring has nothing to do with it.) A mason works hard installing the product he is given.

To get the product YOU want go to the proper supplier that knows about it. Yes "brick yards" do sell their own products, but generally through Brick manufacturers and suppliers. I recently reviewed samples from a maufacturer that said that some brick samples came from their Yorktown plant but others came from the Virginia yard. The plant name & location and the Brick number is stampled on the back of the brick sample board.

You do not have to visit several brick yards - contact a brick manufacturer or supplier and let them assist you. They are more knowledgeable about brick products and are able to provide brick samples.

I've also learned that some contractors often say they can't match a brick or it is no longer made when it's advantageous for them to do so. (Save Time, Money, or Schedule)

You might also want to visit "arcat.com" and go to Division 04 Products for masonry products. It's an industry directory.
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