Need help lounge/dining styling and colour
Dianne Baine
September 18, 2013 in Design Dilemma
Need help with my lounge/dining room. Need a new dining table and chairs and new curtains need colour suggestions and styling in general as you can see by attached photos
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You have a lovely home there - it looks well loved, with many treasures tucked away in that china cabinet! You have a nice mix of modern (sectional sofa) and traditional (fireplace, china cabinet). My first thought was that those windows could use a hit of color. With neutral white sofa and walls, and almost neutral navy rug, you could pick almost any color, I think. So my vision is the beautiful aqua panels in first pic. Or you could do gold curtains. For some reason, I can't picture patterned curtains here - I think it must be the busy-ness of the brick fireplace. For a dining room set, I went to Crate and Barrel because the DR set should be more modern to work with the sectional, and also to balance the traditional lines of your china cabinet. I love the olive green chairs that are paired with the table, but they come in several colors. I also like the idea of upholstered chairs to create some warmth in that area, and to play off of the smooth leather sofa. I don't see a chandelier in the dining area - do you have one there, and are you wanting to replace it?

About your general decor, the trend these days is less stuff but bigger in scale. To that end, one you get a nice, big DR table in there, I would put those two black vases of flowers on the table with about a foot or so of space between them. If the other knick knacks on the fireplace aren't precious to you, I would remove them and find a couple of large urns to place up there - place them close together on one side and see how it looks. You may need to find a third (medium to large) something to go on the other side. I'm not sure how much more you would like to do, so maybe I'll stop here before I redecorate your whole house!
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Actually, the tall white vase that is sitting on the glass tables might look good on the FP, but you would have to remove the stems from it first.
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Dianne Baine
Thanks for your comments karemore55 you have certainly given me something to think about.
As you can tell I like everything in light tones . I was actually thinking of a glass round table with light upholstered chairs but worried the round table didn't allow for flexibility with a matching coffee table, would like to see your comments all ideas appreciated.
September 18, 2013 at 11:50pm   
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Dianne Baine
September 18, 2013 at 11:52pm   
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Christina Miller
How about painting the brick?
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If the china isn't designed as a corner piece, I think it would look better flat against a wall. Will it fit to the right of the drapes? You have a bit of decor clutter going on. As mentioned, larger and fewer items is better. Re-style the china and mantel, keeping the large items and using groupings of threes where possible. Replace your brass firescreen with a black one and the mirror with art. Right now it is reflecting nothing beautiful or interesting. If you can put a good looking chandelier or drum fixture above the dining table you might use the mirror on the right of the FP to reflect it. What is the black item on the wall by the FP - AC unit? I'd remove it if possible.
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Dianne, Just to clarify - you mean you would like a round glass table for the DR table? And you think it might be too much if you also got a round glass coffee table as well? Sorry, I probably just need more coffee lol! Also, I'm assuming the drapes are too colorful? Or would the gold color be OK, but not the blue? If you want the curtains lighter, ie. white, I will scout around for something with a light pattern then. And you say no chandelier - but is there an electrical outlet over the table for one?
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Dianne Baine
Glass dr table worried a six seater would be too big
September 19, 2013 at 2:32pm   
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Dianne, do you mean a six-seater round table? It would have to be 60" round in order to accommodate 6 people so, yes, that would be too big. If you mean a rectangle, that would fit (it looks like that's what you have now). I'm curious to know why you want a glass top. I know you said you like light (in color AND appearance?), so I'm wondering if just a light coloured wood would work. It's true that most of the trendier dining room tables these days are quite heavy and chunky, but if it was visually light, but not necessarily glass, would that work? I posted these curtains from West Elm (not sure what country you're in, so perhaps you don't have West Elm). They are a light linen/cotton blend with an ikat pattern - I'm wondering if this would be more your taste. Also, it appears you don't have a color scheme going yet, other than the whites and neutrals. This look works if you use a lot of texture. Do you want to introduce a bit of color, or just work with whites and textures?
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Dianne Baine
Like those curtains
September 19, 2013 at 7:10pm   
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Dianne Baine
Lol west elm just opened in our state yesterday living in Australia. must admit I probably would prefer the whites and textures
September 19, 2013 at 7:13pm   
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