Ugly fireplace
Bethany Crenshaw, AKBD - Lowe's Bashford Manor
September 22, 2013
I am purchasing a new house that has an ugly fireplace. I wanted to try and put bookshelves on either side, but don't think that is an option. Any ideas of how to make the mantle nicer and decorate? Of course the lighting is going away. I am kind of working with a country/primitive design. And we are pulling up the carpet to expose the hardwood floors beneath.
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Why can't shelves be put in?? What will this room be (formal, tv room, library)??
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Your shelving choices may be limited as you don't want a shelf to extend over the beautiful window. If you have room, I would put a big picture or mirror in the center and put shelves on either side. I would paint the upper part and your walls the same colour. Shelves would look great in a creamy white. Keep it simple with the shelves and do not put too much stuff on them.
In lieu of shelving you could put some beautiful things on the mantle.
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Bethany Crenshaw, AKBD - Lowe's Bashford Manor
For the time being, this will be our only living room space. We will have an unfinished basement, but there are so many things to do on the main floor it may be a while til we get our "family room" up and running. Then this will become the "formal living room".
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Marc Russell Interiors
Take advantage of the electric being positioned where it is, and install art lights focusing on the wall. The firebox needs to be beefed up, it's out of scale with the top portion. Larger surround if possible. Top should not be painted darker than the bottom, the weight of the wall needs to be the fire box. A great mix of art, accessories, and books should finish it off with out having to add more shelves. Trick is getting the scale correct, don't forget to add some height. Good luck!
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Will you need to hang a tv on that side of the room---I see modular type shelves where you could off set a tv & have different interesting spaces for storage....this was the best pic I could quick find...
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I agree with Marc R Interiors....the balance is off--def need cream/off white on top
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Bethany Crenshaw, AKBD - Lowe's Bashford Manor
For the moment, we are going to place the couch in front of the window (which I really don't want to do, but there is no where else to put it) and will have an entertainment center on the opposite wall (left wall of the fireplace). Later, when we are able to move everything down stairs, we will probably just have a small seating area in this room with a piece of art over the fireplace and some decorative pieces on the mantle.
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Sustainable Dwellings
I really don't think it is ugly at all... it does need good looking lights over it, and, a heavy mantle across the top.
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I think if you have many other project, a beefier manual and a neutral paint/beige of sorts on top would be perfect. Also if a tv is hung it will break everything and it will look great. I love the brick.
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I also think I would do canned lighting and get rid of the pendant lights.
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HI -- I think if you did anything like vertical shelving it is going to shorten the look of the wall . Right now I like the horizontal style .And any shelves is going to interfere with the windows , and it will look too cluttered because of the window grills . You say it's ugly but it's just the wall colors and those hanging lamps . Just putting in some small L.E.D. pot lights will help. Paint the mantel a dark color maybe black/dark brown, or a warm white depending on the wall color you choose,- and heat paint the brass fire screen, black , then paint the whole room one color and the top part over the fireplace . Then some Art -- possibly three or four framed prints or paintings hung across the front horizontally.
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Sparkle interiors
I would paint the brick white and then put a fabulous wall paper above with your tv on top.
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Caitlin Crosse
I'd put no TV, or a TV on the wall opposite the window, but definitely not over that wonderful fireplace. A wall length, ceiling to mantel book shelve above the fire place (idea something similar to image one). Leave the brick and you could use it as a type of seat (refer to image two).


Olson Design & Construction
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Get a nice beam of wood that's about 3" thick and replace the puny mantel that is there now. If that is an outlet on the wall have it wired into the mantel and you will have power for Christmas lights etc. come holiday time. You said you are going with a country/ primitive style so a thick piece of wood will look more balanced. I would have the finish match your newly exposed floors. Also, remove the fireplace doors and paint the frame black with some hi-temp paint to get rid of that dated brass look. A couple of nice cushions on the hearth will add to your seating, who doesn't like to cozy up to the fireplace? Good luck!
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I do not know how shelves would work when you have that lovely window there so close to the fireplace.Iwould cover the brick in stackstone for a more update and country look. Marc Russell interiors gave good advice
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Essentia Interior Design
I would leave the bricks and paint the section above white! great place for art or vintage mirror, or you could have three squares of timber beading made and attach evenly accross the upper wall to make it look like panelling! and paint it white. I agree with pirateroo a large piece of timber would enhance the fireplace, as would painting the copper sections black! nice room!
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Interior Style Solutions
I like the idea of the Christoffersen fireplace that Caitlin added but instead of having the centre tiled, I would shelve it all the way across the wall. Perhaps you could mount the TV on the left wall. I also think it would be quite cost effective.
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You could add some height by adding a surround that goes to the ceiling ..
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Can you remove the insert? If so I would and put a new mantel piece a little thicker and paint the wall. I do think the previous comment about extending to the ceiling and blocking off is a great idea .
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Bethany Crenshaw, AKBD - Lowe's Bashford Manor
For now, we will probably change out the light fixtures and add a thicker mantle piece. I am probably going to do a light beige paint to keep things neutral. I do like the surround idea, and may do that in the future. Thanks for all the ideas!!
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