Help toning down "peachy" brick
September 22, 2013 in Design Dilemma
My problem is three-fold:
1) "peachy" toned brick
2) odd pillars
3) lack of landscaping

I would appreciate some ideas for paint colors that would effectively tone down the "peachy"-toned brick. And, some suggestions for the landscaping, and what we could do the make the "pillars" more substantial and complimentary to the home. They would be greatly appreciated.
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Brick can be stained--I think you need to define the detailing around the windows in a very dark color. And paint the front door. ask at your local paint store, sometimes there are some real color whizzes there.
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I would probably add some type of balconnette over the entrance door to break up the elongated look of the pillars.
The colors- roof, trim, brick- all look perfectly matched and beautiful. I'd add trellises, balconnettes and/or pergolas to add color and break up the expanse of brick. Get larger foundation plants or grow vines. It seems like a much better color as a backdrop for gardens than traditional brick.
It's just a big house and a lot of brick! I don't think changing the color will improve its appearance. A pro might be able to assist you in recommending siding changes on some of the additions to break it up.
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A trim like this warm khaki gray with green undertone - will provide the contrast needed so that the warm tones in the brick will feel more earthy and organic. The big circles should still be painted to match the brick rather than be in high contrast. The brick is really nice, and there isn't too much - this is a lovely house.

Then, honestly, the octagonal "roof"over the front door is not right here - it is too removed for the posts to be in proper proportion. You could change the ugly angled braces at the top to curved arch braces to echo the palladian curves, but even that isn't enough. You could work on those pillars forever with cross framing and braces and balconnettes and still not really be pleased. I think you will have to build a new stone arch entry facade to look right proportion wise - plain gray ashlar with coins to match the house.

The brick is fine - better than most, really. Just seems warm blond in full presentation.
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So, your green grass and blue sky will intensify the peach-ness .... maybe go with more yellow-green or green-gray-silvery foliage, or possibly some copper/maroonish foliage (bayberry, smoke bush, pennisetum - I know I'm spelling it wrong) - yellow/gold flowers, no blues in that area.... and yes, a trim color that puts in more contrast -- probably darker than darkest color in the brick/mortar -- not sure what a light color would do.

I agree with others that the columns are not sufficiently substantial -- if you can't broaden them with wooden add ons, try a vine... sort of begs for a breakfast balcony at the same height as the 1 story roof/gutter line just below that window and giving more protection from rain to the front door
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Yes, agree that the grass in particular is intensifying the peach. Perhaps you could remove some of the grass that is close to the house and put in a rock garden with natural gray rocks. Plants some nice tall grasses and I think it would really change the focus. Even if you don't plant the whole thing, just have beautiful layers of rock.
However, your house is stunning and you are probably the only person bothered by the brick! I bet people drive past your house everyday and admire it.
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