Need Help With Kitchen Design (Range Placement Question)
Matt Cooper
September 24, 2013 in Design Dilemma
We need some professional opinions about the layout of our kitchen cabinets and range placement. We are replacing our kitchen layout from 1972 and decided on paper to make a few small changes. NOW we are worried about making a design mistake as we are not professionals....

The first dilemma is the placement of our range. Originally it was centered on the rear wall of the kitchen. We decided to offset it to the left to accommodate larger kitchen drawers to the right. You can see on the design. Do you think it will look strange or odd when finished?

The second design dilemma is the corner cabinet. on the left of the kitchen. Are corner cabinets considered contemporary?

Thank you for your input!

Matt and Chelsie
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Christina Temple
I see nothing wrong with this. I think you will be more pleased with the extra cabinet space than worrying that it's not a symmetrical look. You still have your 'working triangle' which is probably more important than a specific balance here. Being functional is key to a proper design.
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I think the off-set range is fine. It gives you more prep counter space on your sink side. I think it's a good compromise. You don't have a center island, chimney style vent hood or anything that's going to scream the range should be centered.
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Hi - range looks fine set to the left ! But do check that the corner door access won't be impeded by the cooker - as it may protrude ?!? I would suggest moving the 27" wall cabinet ( to right of cooker ) so that it's above the same sized drawer cabinet beneath it - and either replacing the 15 "and 12 " cabinets for another 27" - but only if you can get it with both doors hinged the same way ( hinged on right - handles on left) as that will be easier to access that way and look neater !
Hope that helps :-)
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Have you considered putting a small walk in pantry in the corner. I have one - I love it.
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KR Kitchen Remodeling, LLC
It's a small kitchen and with the use of drawers you'll make the most of easy access storage. The two changes I would suggest is to make the B15 next to frig a 4 drawer base for additional storage of cutlery, foil, plastic baggies, oven mits, etc. I think the designer is trying to balance the two cabinets on either side of the range - unfortunately a 12" wide cabinet doesn't provide a whole lot of real storage so my suggestion would be to (1) change the W27 & W15 into a W4230 - if you're cabinet manufacturer doesn't make that wide of a cabinet then buy two 21" and hing left and right. (2) if you stay with this configuration have them hing the W15 to the right so the cabinets either side of the range open opposite of each other. Balance....
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zombie thread ! nice ideas though ! ( Houzz throws in old threads for ideas / reference / to beef it up !! )
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