Decorating my Living Room
opolyashovSeptember 25, 2013
I am on a budget...and was wondering if I could get any ideas on making my living room more cozy. Maybe different wall art, or what kinds of curtains? I have seriously been looking around for curtains for half year and found nothing...I don't know what to look for
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Hi there!
Do you like photographs or abstract art? What style are you wanting to design your living room?

Warm regards,

Michelle C., IIDA
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Shelton Interiors
Select one color from the rug and go with a solid linen - light blue? Would it make sense to turn the sectional with the long side under the window and give the large piece of art more space? I also think the rug needs to turn as well to work with the room. On the bare wall I would go with some art ledges (shallow) so you can display personal photos - perhaps travel related - or smaller pieces of art to balance the walls out. Add a small table with a table lamp, and some toss pillows in the wood finish color or rust color from the rug. Last but not least, never put furniture flush with the walls, leave some "negative" space to give furniture room to 'breathe'.
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I think your room is lacking texture. It's such a pretty rug, why not play up the pattern by repeating that with some wall art, something carved for example.Use the canvas art in another room, maybe somewhere more serene like a bedroom. Also curtain panels, a large glass and maybe metal for contrast coffee table, an additional chair in a solid but nicely textured, and maybe some floating shelves where you could change out art and photos. I agree with Shelton Interiors , moving the furniture around will give the room a nice flow too.
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Bygeorgi and Shelton interiors, thank you so much for your suggestions. I am really bad when it comes to decorating or creativity in general. So when you say add some metal for contrast or a table...I don't have the slightest clue what to look for. Some ideas would be great as to what exactly...
I really like the earthy/organic/rusty look. Also what do you think I should do with the tree?
Where to move it if I turn the couch around?
Also if I go with a blue/turquoise theme...what sort of toss pillows should I be looking at?
Shleton interiors you mentions to leave some negative space for the furniture...what do you mean by that?
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So I also took Shelton interiors idea and turned the furniture around....Any other suggestions so far?
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Okie's a few pics. Not sure about the tree... it is nice to always have something alive in every room tho, I think I would use an indoor more palm looking tree in a glazed pot. I would place it in front of what I'm guessing is a stone fire place in the room and maybe also something mossy and floral on your coffee table. I like the idea of the coffee table being ample in size, a big square or round. For sure check out Cost Plus and Peir 1, you will find tons of stuff.
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Bygeorgi...what do you honestly think of the big wall picture? What would you recommend instead? And i really like the curtain example you you know where they would sell such panels?
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I think the big picture is just too big, its intruding on the sofa space even with the furniture moved around. If you love it move it to the other wall so there is more space around it and lower it, so it becomes more of a focal point .I suggest this but looking at your room...not sure it actually fits that wall...... Those panels are from Pier 1. I'm in love with the pillow, I like the idea of pulling from the blue in the area rug.
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bygeorgi...if i were to remove the big picture, what would you recommend in place? maybe a set of three pics or ...?
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Hmmm.... depends on what you do with the other wall. Say if one wall is busy with several pieces then the other should just have one....But something rectangular would look best and suit the space better. Then it can be placed at eye level.
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if you do use a triptych , space them only an inch or so apart so it looks less broken up.
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