Need Help With Window Sill Height At Counter
September 25, 2013 in Design Dilemma
Hi Houzzer's..I'm in the middle of a kitchen renovation. My question is..I have a window sill that is at exact height of my cabinets. It would line up perfectly to the counter height. If I had the quartz counter that I will be having installed run into the window as a sill would that look odd? I also have the option of replacing the window with a shorter one. If I were to replace the window to shore it up, it would involve having 2 or 3 layers of brick added under the limestone outside sill. Involving a lot more work and that is why I'm wondering if having the counter ran directly into the window as a sill would be strange looking.The under mount sink will be directly centered in front of the window. The window is a double hung and is 30 in wide (nothing fancy). Thank you
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Maybe it would help if you pulled off all the interior window trim, and see if you counter can run flush with the wall with out it. Worry about trimming out the window later.
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Fred S
It will look fine in general, but a window larger than the sink would have looked better. It is probably the best thing to do. The brick patch never looks quite right. The brick doesn't quite match and the mortar will fade differently in time even if they get it right originally. I think the question is what to do with the rest of the window trim to make it look proportional to the sink. Pictures or cabinet plans may help.
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JandB Kitchen Designs
Before we comment, just a quick note on our experience. My partner and I have consistently designed between 70-90 kitchens/year for over 30 years. We've literally designed thousands of kitchens.
Anyway...Don't want your window sill elevation the same as the counter. You'll be getting water there constantly and that you don't want. We always elevate the window so there's room for a straight run of 4" or 6" tiles beneath (leave room for grout width). If you want to see this effect go to our "page" and take a peek at "Berg" and "Schwar". There are also others showing window elevations.
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Fred S
@ JandB, what does your 30 years tell you about the brick exterior? Or did you only read half the question? Do you know that they even put windows in showers? Is it really worth the extra $5k, or maybe we could get more creative than a stock answer just to get your name out there.
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JandB Kitchen Designs
Fred... Good grief, lighten up. We read it. Up to Homeowner as to whether the cost of exterior brick offsets the window scenario. The only "stock" answer is our first few lines to establish our credibility. Our comments and image examples weren't a "stock answer" and were submitted in the spirit of assistance. Can't help it if the images are on our page. By the way, what's your expertise? Do you have a website? Your Houzz listing shows nothing...why? Seems like all we see of you is discussions and criticism's of others. We won't get involved in such things.
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