Need help with my 80's kitchen
September 30, 2013
We are wanting to remodel our kitchen this year. It is stuck in the brown 80's with brown everything! I think the floor plan could be changed and maybe even the existing pantry be taken out. Really in needs a whole new floor plan, but what it should be I don't know. Do you think it would be best to hire a kitchen designer or someone in construction? My husband is super handy and will be able to do most of the work himself. Should we get rid of the nook and incorporate that area into one big kitchen with some seating?
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Have you set a budget? If you want to blow out the old enclosures and incorporate eat in space you are looking at major remodel. Set a budget first and then come back - yes, you need a kitchen designer so you can be realistic about what parts you can do and what others will need to do to bring it all together.
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Are budget is between $25-30. I also think it might be helpful to make the kitchen window smaller so we can add more cabinets.
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Tamigirl - Changing your kitchen window size will ripple into much more time and money than reworking where cabinets go will - why? drywall, finish, prime, exterior sheathing or plaster or both, framing, etc.

Take 20% off your budget, set some priorities, and then talk to kitchen designers who will work with a diy couple. Layout changes are expensive (new plumbing / and so forth. You have a good work triangle now, though you may want to reorient the peninsula, this provides the most seating possible as is. For the budget you cite, I suggest focusing on facelift of what you have - refacing cabinets with the excellent rustoleum products, buying new quartz countertops, new appliances and flooring. Consider adding buffet or sideboard storage on the wall behind the breakfast table (that you can take with you when you go), and eliminating the overhead cabinets above the bar. New flooring, lighting, tilework, stone tops, new appliances can add up. Consider a sliding door for the pantry that closes off the hallway when open / is a painted blackboard you can use to make notes and lists and family wall art. Study other peoples DIY blogs for kitchen makeovers and make an extensive list of all the materials you need for just a facelift - then start internet shopping and adding things up. Then if you want to run cabinets to the window wall, and turn an island the other way with your range in it, you can expand your kitchen into the informal dining area. Be mindful of sightlines and traffic patterns though - these cockpit kitchens are incredibly efficient.
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I would hire a pro - kitchen designer. And, BTW..most people wish their windows were bigger so I'd say DO NOT make the window smaller. :)
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How many do you want to seat? Do you actually use the bar stools? Do you entertain a lot? I'd for sure remove the upper cabinets and make the peninsula counter height for more of an open feel. I'd keep the dinette area for more comfortable dining.
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Darcy, we are a family of five. We do have a formal dining area as seen here. Our kids are 15,12, and 11 work a lot at the small nook area. We definitely want to remove the upper cabinets, but would need to cabinets elsewhere. We like to entertain. We do use the bar stools, my kids especially. You all have a very good point about the window. This pantry is also a question, keep it or get rid of it? We will be hiring someone, but love to get your opinions. Thanks
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The pantry.
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Sustainable Dwellings
Keep the pantry. Paint everything a nice lighter color, including the cabinets. Rid yourself of the "Johnboy" barstools and get a sleeker designs. I would also get new doors for the pantry. There is a start...
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