7 Key Solutions to Great Laundry Room Design
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October 2, 2013 in Design Dilemma
Found this article at Home Advisor, its called 7 essential Laundry Room Solutions by David Hollies
Today homeowners increasingly mention that they consider the laundry room to be a key part of the home.

7 Key Solutions to Great Laundry Room Design
1. Easy Access

Based on discussion with numerous contractors across the country, the overall trend for laundry rooms seems to be moving away from hiding the washer and dryer in the distant, dark depths of the basement. Most people now want direct access from the main activity areas of the house–certainly not to have trudge down many stairs to the basement.

2. A Laundry Room with a View

The factor people are most enthusiastic about is a laundry area with an outside window—preferably overlooking a back yard play area. The view seems to take a lot of the traditional drudgery out of doing the laundry, and this makes sense, as recent scientific evidence increasingly shows that light has an enormous impact on people's moods.

3. Good Task Lighting

Good lighting is important. Many people prefer incandescent lighting, to minimize glare, but the most important element is that the lighting be uniform throughout the work area.

4. Easy Sorting System

Another useful design feature for a laundry room is the installation of sorting bins. One Bethesda couple has a series of standard plastic laundry baskets on a long shelf over the washer and dryer. Each basket is labeled: "hand wash," "permanent press," "whites," "cold wash," "colors," etc. They even have bins for dry cleaning, clothes that need mending, and clothes to give to the local shelter.

5. Plenty of Folding Space

A good laundry room will also provide a wide, flat area for folding. A countertop surface in front of a window is ideal. The larger this folding area the better, and it should be away from the inevitable loose lint on top of the dryer.

6. Room to Hang

Plenty of hanging space is a must. With so many of today's clothes requiring drip-drying, make sure the hanging rods are near the floor drain. Use plastic hangers as they don't rust and they are not as inclined as wire hangers to get tangled.

7. The Comeback of Ironing 

Finally, don't neglect the ironing board. Many people like the kind of board that folds up into a panel in the wall. These fold-up units often have a light, an electrical outlet, and a space to keep the iron and supplies out of the way.

So if you're looking for a modest remodeling project that can really make a difference in your weekly household routine, have another look at that jungle in your basement!

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Great tips.
0 Likes   October 2, 2013 at 7:27AM
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I would add that a utility sink is a must to help soak stains and wash hands.

I actually miss my basement laundry because it gave me lots of folding and sorting and hanging space, and any mess was out of view. I even miss the one I shared long ago with 5 other apartments because I could do three loads at one time, had a lot of folding space, and an had an entire room to hang laundry, plus a play area with an old sofa, table and room for my son to ride his tricycle, and a fair number of windows, not far from the front and back entrances. Now if I didn't have to share with quite so many people who didn't remove their laundry promptly, and climb 3 flights of stairs, it would have been ideal!

I now have a laundry nook in a hallway, and not having enough sorting, hanging and folding space in plain view is a problem, Oh well, it beats having to go outside and through the Bilco doors, especially in the wintertime. The previous owner did that for 50 years, and used a wringer washer and no dryer!
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