Need help decorating with cherry/red wood accents
October 2, 2013
I just rented out a space for my newborn photography studio. I can paint the walls (except the brick) and I need to pick a color for new wood flooring. This trim color is killing me, though. My logo is black and white and my brand is simple, vintage, classic. It needs to be inviting for clients, too. I don't know how to make it not too country or too boring. I thought about doing a pop of color but have no idea which wall(s) it should be on.

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Can you not paint out the cabinets, doors, and trim? If you could I would paint them black - along with white walls you will have your black and white colour scheme to match your logo.
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And for the hardwood flooring a really dark colour would work well, like the one in this pic...

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No can't paint the trim or doors or cabinets. If I could I wouldn't have a problem. The baseboard can be changed, though.
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The cabinets and trim look pretty much the same color. I think I would follow through with the floor in that color as well. I would paint the baseboards the same color as the wall or make them the same as the trim on the doors. Keeping things easy on the eye and flowing to not fight with the photography setting. I also would put up some wooden pallet type rafters suspended slightly over the ceiling panels to mask the ugly panels and yet they would let the light shine through. I think I would paint the walls grey. Silver accents.
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That's an option I was fussing with--trying to match the floor with the cabinets and molding but I didn't know if it would be too matchy-matchy or (worse) "hey you tried way too hard to match 3 different red woods and it's obvious."
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Does the flooring have to be wood?
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Preferably of the wood variety. My light stands have wheels. My floordrops are basically just paper but I can glue them to plywood if need be.
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Also, can't afford to pay for pro installation so it has to be laminate.
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Choose a floor that matches the existing wood. I would choose a warm neutral for the wall color, though if you're shooting photos here, shouldn't that determine the colors you choose?

I am most disturbed by the suspended ceiling, but I think trying to disguise it will call more attention to it. Would it be possible to take it out? Or just remove the panels (store them someplace) and leave the grid? Of course, there's no telling what the real ceiling looks like underneath. But it might be worth taking a look.
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For the most part I plan on the ceiling lights to be off. The space doesn't get a whole lot of natural light so with just floor lamps I think the ceiling will be less noticeable. There was a huge spider issue when I first moved in so I'm kinda scared to look in the ceiling.

I use seamless papers, blankets and paper floordrops with wood patterns for my portraits, so the actual space is really only for client appeal.

I love that floor, grover!
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