Garage into Master Bedroom!
October 4, 2013
We need to remodel our lower floor which consists of a laundry room, small bathroom, garage and small long family room into a living space for my husband and I as we will be unable to use our stairs anymore. I need ideas on how to change the garage into a master bedroom. Any ideas? Thanks!
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Do you have a floorplan? Do you need a kitchen in this space as well?
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We don't have a floorplan of the current space. I can possibly find one. When we moved here the previous owner didn't have any type of blueprint of the house.
Our "kitchen" would be very basic...small undercabinet fridge and microwave with a small counterspace. Thanks!
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You might consider installing a temporary insulated wall in front of the garage doors so that if you move later, the garage can be easily converted back. Then I would construct some sort of floating floor designed for wet areas, like the basement, possibly built on a platform to bring it level with the rest of the house, finish the walls with studs and drywall, and install a drop ceiling, along with more outlets. A 2-car garage is quite large, and could be made into a studio-apartment type space, and the old family room can become the bedroom.

Or you might consider selling and buying a small ranch that is more suitable for your needs.
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HG3D - 3D Home and Garden Rendering
You will definitely need to start with your existing layout before mapping out your new spaces. If you can't find a floorplan, perhaps you can measure and draw one up (or have someone help you)? I think if you're looking for spatial advice, you also need to be ready to answer questions about how far you're willing to go with your remodel ... for instance .. is the whole level going to be scratched and started over? or do you want to keep the existing spaces (or some of them) intact, while trying to add the master bedroom/kitchenette?

food for thought
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Agreed, a floor plan would be helpful.
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I assume it is a garage for two cars? That will make a very large bedroom! I have a couple of questions:
1. Will you have another garage or covered spot for your car? Do you need one? You could take only half of the garage for your bedroom.
2. Could the small family room be turned into the bedroom instead? Then you would be able to use the garage for a very good sized living area. Perhaps take one end of the long family room for a walk in closet. Perhaps do a built in wall bed system?
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ReSquare Architecture + Construction
A few recommendations:
- Unless you are in a temperate climate with no frost, you will need to deal with insulating the floor slab which in all likelihood is not insulated. You should have a professional consult with you on this, as there are complex moisture and ventilation issues involved.
- Do not share the space with a car port. The last thing you want to do is sleep next to a room that is potential source of CO.
- Consider plumbing and that it would be best to renovate the bathroom where the current plumbing exists. @pcmom1's suggestion for using the garage as a living room is a good one.

And as most have already suggested, an existing floor plan would help folks here make more detailed suggestions.
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For flooring: saw some photos where it appeared that the existing concrete was stained and sealed. Wear warm Ugg boots in the winter!
Besides that: what about cork flooring? That is good insulation.
Here are some photos:
Studio and Office
Garage Conversion
Ideabook: More Living Space: Converting a Garage
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