Office plants & decor
October 4, 2013
So as you can tell from the picture, my office is pretty bare. I was thinking about adding two plants on each side of desk and perhaps some sort of horizontal artwork above the desk. What size and type plants do you think would look best? And other thoughts on what would look good are welcome!
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Instead of the plants, how about a series of identical Ikea Ribba frames forming a grid up the sides and along the top of the desk? You could insert favourite photos converted to B&W, or buy card stocks that depict something meaningful to you.

Not sure what is on the one wall, but is there room for an upholstered bench, just to get some more texture in there? I love the wall color, btw - very serene!
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Nicole Lee
i like the idea of the frames along the top of the desk, and maybe an overhanging lamp on the left?

here are some ideas!
On Golden Pond

Perfectly Suited
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Love the space, definitely looks like a nice calm place to get some work done.

I think some art along the top of equal size would look great next to some tall plants on either side, or even some dramatic vases.

2012 St Margaret's Guild Decorator Show House - The Apartment

Tara Benet Design
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How about two matching floor lamps on each side of the desk?

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I see a floor vent on the right! I would only put a plant on the floor to the left of the desk. I have a couple of plants that are very easy maintenance. Can't remember the name! I will try to find a picture and maybe that will help you.

Here it is! The tall one. Anyone know the name? PS: Mine is a lot smaller and would fit your space well.
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BTW...if possible, I'd consider moving the desk to the other wall and have a credenza where your desk is for added storage and workspace. Then, a beautiful large canvas art above the credenza. That way, you won't have your back to both doors, and it would be a lovely piece to look at. :)
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Jessica Rios
Flank the desk with framed art of certificates/degrees. Add tall plants under, need stuff on top. Also a lamp somewhere...
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Nice, thanks guys! Yeah, unfortunately the room doesn't leave many options since the entire right side has French doors leading into the dining room and the left has two big windows. There is a small space between the windows where I put a table with printer. I was hoping for something bulky like plants to cover up the vent on the right and the cords dropped across the floor on the right. And I have a 9 month old so unfortunately I need to find silk fake plants that hopefully look real enough to look nice. I do agree a lamp is needed. Thanks for the pics and suggestions! Any thoughts where I can get real looking silk plants?
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Look into cord covers that stick to the wall, next to the base boards. Good for keeping away from little fingers!
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