Help with layout - Upper Cabinets
October 6, 2013 in Design Dilemma
I am trying to figure out the best cabinet configuration for my upper cabinets - those depicted in green.
The "problem area" that I am trying to work with is the angled wall joining my range wall and my sink wall.

A few things to mention ... 1) I cannot change the angled wall. I am in a condo and it's an outside wall of my entry way. 2) I’d like the upper cabinets to the left and right of the window to have glass doors. 3) I don’t want to do open shelves. (Thinking in terms of resale, I believe most would prefer cabinets.) 4) I am good with all other aspects of the layout (i.e. base cabinets, etc.) 5) Since I am focusing on the uppers, there are some things I have left off the sketch as it’s not relevant to my question (such as additional base cabs/peninsula to the left of the range).

If it weren’t for this wall there would be peace in my world! This dilemma is giving me a headache :(

The three options I have come up with are:

Option 1 ... Have the cabinets form a corner (from the exterior viewpoint). However, for the cabinets on the left side, the problem with this is that the interior of the cabinets would need to be angled to account for the wall. And with the one closest to the window having a glass door, I think that may look odd seeing an angle through the glass. (For the cabinet on the right I’m showing it w/a blind corner. I know that most folks don’t like blind corners, but it really doesn’t bother me in this case.)

Option 2 ... Easy reach cabinet in both corners. The problem here is that the corner cabinet on the left will have a strange shaped shelf to account for the angled wall.

Option 3 ... Angled corner cabinets in both corners. I was trying to stay away from angled corner cabinets - I’m just not a huge fan, but I don’t know that I have another simple/practical choice.

My cabinet guy is coming over tomorrow to hopefully finalize the plans and I wanted to get your input prior to discussing with him.

Thank you!!
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Ellen Farber Strategic Design
I need an Option 4...angled corner on the angled wall, and Option 2 for right hand side. I like having symmetric cabinets on each side around window, If you want them to be glass and are concerned about the corner, make them a glass with some type of variation/pattern/ frost to mask wall behind. You will still be able to see glasses. Good luck!
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Thanks Ellen. So your are suggesting Option 3 for the left side and Option 2 for the right?

I was thinking about a combination also, but wondered if it would look unbalanced by having one corner cab angled and not the other.

However, I did see this pic. Tho' slightly different, (this pic does not have a cab on the window wall to the left of the window), you get the gist.
October 6, 2013 at 7:44pm   
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You don't have enough room to open your dishwasher. Switch the refrigerator and the pantry and have a pantry built on top of the dishwasher. Then center your sink with the window. Use etched glass so you can't see the corner in the back of the cabinet.
Balance the sizes of the two glass doors on each side of the window. 18" on the left. 18" on the right. Then a 9" door on the right of that, that is piano hinged with an adjoining door to the right of it that is large enough for a comfortable opening.
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Option 1, but omit the small upper to the left of the sink for a much more open feeling.
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Thanks eagledzines. I actually do have room to open the dw. The sketch is not totally to spec. And while I'd like to center the sink under the window, I don't want to redo the plumbing. Trust me, I've already considered it, but have come to terms with my limitations - both space wise and financially. I'll consider your other suggestions. Thanks so much for the mock-up!!!
October 6, 2013 at 8:01pm   
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Ellen Farber Strategic Design
Yes, Option 3 for left and 2 for right. I think that if the cabinets on the right and left next to the window can be the same size, you will be fine. It is more natural for the angled wall to have an angled cabinet. Look forward to seeing the finished project!
October 6, 2013 at 8:54pm      Thanked by blackchamois
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