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nickycomberOctober 7, 2013
I am looking for two colours that will go well together. The upstairs middle section is ready to take weatherboard and I envisage that this area could be a different colour to the rest of this side house. All other walls (to the side and back) will be rendered probably in one of the two colours that are chosen. I think one of these colours needs to be on the lighter side (cream?).
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I would love to help. The best would be if you can get me a pic with both the front and the side areas on it. That way I can digitally paint both at the same time so we can see how they go together! I do digital color consultations all of the time for a living and I love it! You email me the pic, I digitally paint it and email it back to you. Its that easy!

You can see some of my work here on houzz or on fb at ww.facebook.com/whatcolor.org Or you can check out my services at my site at www.WhatColor.org

I also have a FREE option!

I hope to hear back from you soon!
randall \o/
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Matilda Bos Design Studio
Hi Nicky......Your windows are trimmed in white, do they have to stay white???
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They are all new windows, so yes they will have to be white!
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Matilda Bos Design Studio
Hi Nicky.....That does make a difference, so the colors I would suggest are more on the
gray side. The two story section BM Moonshine. The one story BM Steep Cliff Gray.
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Since you have a terracotta / red tile roof, the white window combo demands a bit more warmth on the body to my mind. I like camoflauge greens in these situations - they are warmer than straight browns, but look neutral to the eye, and very wecolming with the cottage roof. Also, may I suggest you render your chimney in one shade deeper than the rest so it has a bit of presence, people won't be sure it isn't stone - and here, you may want to consider no render, just more of a wash of thinned masonry paint so the texture of the brick comes through - let the differing brick tones express through the deep toned wash so a variety of colors emerge to add more cottage style - you definitely have some lovely charm elements here that could work harder for you, and the chimney is not a place where you worry quite as much about losing heat from no stucco coat. Here are some tones to test
sw renwick olive - siding
sw olive grove - chimney
sw lemongrass - render (what we call stucco always looks best when it is a tone that could be a real stone color - also, have them use steel trowels and trowel yours smooth for that european / historic feel rather than some slap dash texture, even work it until the gray comes through if they use a color coat)
sw bamboo shoot or lemongrass for trim - i like lemongrass at the doors and windows and bamboo shoot on the eaves - lemongrass is light enough to make it all feel fresh / but have harmony / shift the eye to the white, while bamboo shoot is earthy enough to make the roof contrast seem lighter than the house but still earthy
imagine a beautiful terracotta red door in this home sw cajun red
Here's one link, then use the search to open them all http://www.sherwin-williams.com/homeowners/color/find-and-explore-colors/paint-colors-by-family/SW7732-lemongrass/
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Hello Nicky. This is the roughest rendition ever, please forgive. Time is short. But I like these colours -- the top being two or three shades lighter than the bottom. Sorry I can't be as detailed as Libradesigneye. I've taken the colours from your roof, because it's quite hard to get the real colour of your brick. But I like the idea of toning with the roof anyway. If you like it, someone who knows American paint colours might be able to get you to the right general colorific neighbourhood.
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