Living Room Update
October 7, 2013 in Design Dilemma
What can be done to finish off this room. We've tried but just aren't hitting the nail on the head yet? Thanks for any/all recommendations.
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Gantt's Decorating
If you were my client I would tell you that you need to paint your walls a much warmer color. When I look at your photo all I see are patches of dark brown and two black chairs. When I look a little longer I see what could be a beautiful fireplace if the part above the hearth were painted so that it blended with the beautiful moldings. If you live in a warm climate, I's say to paint the woodwork to blend with all the rest of the room. If you live where you have cold weather this room will feel awfully cold in winter and could use a warmer color just for that reason. Also not much furniture for such a nice large space. Bill
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You need more seating and possibly a larger rug.
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Also, I would take the small valances on the windows down and use panels ceiling to floor. It would make the space a little "softer". Those half window seem odd and I think that throws off the space a little.
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Thanks for your help. I was told this summer that the color on the walls was too much and to tone it down. See the hallway color leading out of the living room to the kitchen. Any suggestion on color or should I paint some/lots of the brown in the same creme as the walls (any wood below the chair rail and the french doors)? I live in Dallas, TX and it's moving to a cooler season.

I like the concept of getting rid of the valances (they are hiding white aluminum mini blinds). Should I go with wood blinds (white/off-white or a wood tone) or cloth (now a whole new can of worms).

The room is pretty empty (just staged as we are trying to sell it which explains the lack of furniture. Should I add a love seat and move the two chairs to the side of the room where the french doors are?
October 7, 2013 at 7:20pm   
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Gantt's Decorating
If you are trying to sell it I think keeping the amount of furniture low may be good. Prospective buyers will better see how spacious it is. I too think the valences should come down. If you just keep the mini blinds up they probably won't be noticed. I don't think prospective buyers are interested in looking at window treatments. Keep the windows clean and open. For the walls look at Sherwin Williams Svelte Sage. It's a little lighter than I would recommend with the dark wood but comes of neutral. Two others on the deck that would warm it up would be Favorite tan and universal Khaki. If you use any one of these, I would drop down to the next darker one on the chips and paint the space above the fireplace that color. ie Quiver Tan over the fireplace if the walls are Universal Khaki. If the blinds look bad I'd just take them down completely, fill the holes touch up the paint and keep the windows undressed. Another thing, I would paint the wood trim on the columns the color of the column. The trim looks dinky and I find myself distracted by it and having a harder time enjoying the spacious room. Hope this was useful. If you can find any time at all check out my web site and blog at Bill
October 7, 2013 at 11:03pm     
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Gantt's Decorating
Another thing, If you could find or borrow a large heavy framed oil painting to put over the fireplace it make the whole room look richer. I don't think the thing that's there now is big enough or visually heavy enough to emphasize the power that area has.
October 7, 2013 at 11:08pm     
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It is just my opinion, that all that tiled floor, looks cold and uninviting to me and I do not like the dark wood around your French doors, I would paint over that dark wood so the doors blend into the wall
October 8, 2013 at 3:31am   
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I agree with Bill. The only thing I would add is to change out the ceiling fan for a chandelier or if you must have a fan something a little more updated. Good luck!
October 8, 2013 at 5:26am   
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Sorry, it looks very sparse. You need to go out and buy more furniture to fill it up.
Pictures, wall unit etc. etc. Oh, take down those valances. Put ceiling to floor drapes.
Take down Chandy and put up a fixture.
October 8, 2013 at 5:34am   
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