Need Help with faux tin backsplash not tall enough & uneven
Kelly Thompson
October 8, 2013 in Design Dilemma
I am trying to install a 24” faux tin backsplash and the counter height is 25-1/2 inches in some spots and a little less in other spots. I know what you are thinking, add molding……. I purchased 2 corner trim boards 1” each for the top by the cabinets and the bottom by the counter. I check the trim boards and the tile to make sure they fit before I install, BUT the cabinets are not level with the countertop and the range hood is a different height too. What can I do? I’ve already painted the trim to match so I can’t take that back. Would a wider flat piece of molding cut to fit all the problems work? This would require the molding to be wider in some spots, and dip in one spot where the range hood is. But at least the tile would be level. Help!!
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Does the tin backsplash have a pattern, some kind of squares I'm guessing. Is the tin pattern run level with the counter top? Visually, I would think that that is most important. I would paint the trim that goes under the cabinets to match the cabinet, level that trim piece with the lowest height of the bottom of the cabinet and attach it there. Use a paint caulk or wood filler in the gap between the cabinet bottom and the trim, then paint that too. That is if I'm understanding your dilemma correctly, it should work for bottom and top problems. This is the kind of thing you have to play with by eye.
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Kelly Thompson
Yes the tin has a pattern and I've painted it red. That's a great idea to just use a plum line and fill in the rest! I can just paint it all red and no one will notice under the cabinet! I think bottom will not be a problem against counter top. Sounds way easier than trying to cut the trim to fit.
   October 8, 2013 at 12:42PM
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