too large couch for room, what to do with the big wall, windows?
October 8, 2013 in Design Dilemma
We just moved into this house, and there is no money for a different couch, this one is too large really for the space. I can't rotate it the other way because then it will be right next to the fireplace and I can't use the fireplace. I would like to center the couch on the window but there is a walkway and so it needs to be pushed against the wall. So what do I do with the big wall space? I don't like the floating shelf because it seems like anything I put on it competes with the mantle. I am thinking of just leaving the window undressed to let in all the light. I think the room needs a large plant and or lamp on the side to balance the fact that it isn't centered on the window.
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You just need to turn it so the back that is now under the window is on the wall with the shelf which I agree needs to be removed. If you pull it 4-6" away from the walls it will actually give you a more spacious feeling than having it crammed against it. The new position will keep the room feeling more welcoming and open. Then find some better quality large art - one for the mantel and one for the wall behind the sofa. Add stationary drapery panels at each side of the window for soft coziness that will still let in the light. Hang them high and wide, so they just cover the side frames. Hang the rod at the same level as the top of the recess over the TV so you don't get things feeling unbalanced. Be sure panels kiss the floor. When budget allows, replace the skinny mantel with a more substantial style.
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Duplicate Post.
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Thank you for your suggestions. I can't turn the couch like you suggested because then the side of the couch is right next to the fireplace, too close to use
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Turn the sofa on the diagonal. Move the corner under the right side of the window forward then to the left or treat the pieces as two individual sofas. If you don't like the configurations you try then move one piece out of the room. Good luck to you
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Ok, so you have one of those odd shaped rooms. I agree with Maguire.
OR, you could put the TV in front of the fire place, as they appear to be about the same size, run the rug parallel to the fireplace instead of the wall, and PAINT the upper parts of the room about 2 shades darker than the lower part of the room to put it in a more usable porportion, maybe at 8 feet, and put the sectional in two parts across from each other, one on either side of the fire place. You could put the work cabinet (presently under the TV) under the window, centered and at least put some drapes up on the sides of the window to better frame it. Lose the shelf, pic and candle holders and vase. something round above the fire place ( a cool mirror?) and a 12 " vase with taller flowers just on one side and a statuette of some kind on the other side of the mantle. Hope I didn't go too far.
Best of luck with your new house!
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This post is dead. Dormant. Finished. Kaput.
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