At a loss... need help picking a rug to go with my patterned sofa!
October 9, 2013 in Design Dilemma
I'm new to decorating and would appreciate any advice / links! I am trying to pick a rug that would look great in my space. I really like patterns but I'm not sure if I could pull off a patterned rug with my patterned sofa. I also like colours but again I don't want to overwhelm the space. Any thoughts on patterned vs solid? Colour vs. neutral? Any links would also be really helpful! Also, please note that we have a silver and white table with chairs that still need to be picked, so that's flexible. I've attached pics as well. Thanks so much!
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The arc lamp, chaise, pouf and coffee table seem quite contemporary compared to your sofa. I could see a flokati half way under or thrown over the foot of the chaise. Maybe a bordered sisal for the sofa, but I'm not sure I'd want such divergent styles quite so close to each other.
Ideabook: 10 Fresh Takes on Flokati Rugs
Chevron Sisal with Cotton Border Rug
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Thanks... yeah the mismatch is likely the crux of the problem. Your idea to have 2 different rugs is interesting. What do you think about this rug to tie everything together?
Or maybe a striped rug?
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Sivster, Yes, you can bring a patterned rug into your space. Decoenthusiaste makes a good point about your mix of modern and traditional, but assuming you don't want to start from scratch, you still may be able to make this room work. The pattern on your sofa is quite subtle, not bright at all, so you would be looking for a rug that carries at least the colors of the sofa (it could have more, like the Persians and Oushaks with their complex color ways). Also, the pattern in the rug should be smaller in scale than the floral pattern in your sofa. It is also a good idea to have the grey of your chaise represented, but in many rugs the darker tones read as grey, so you do t need to be able to see the exact grey of your chaise in order for it to work.

Not sure if you have a preference of modern over trad, but as I mentioned the traditional rugs have such wonderful colors and nuances that it's actually pretty easy to decorate with them. The third rug in the pics below is more modern, but with a lot of texture, and could also work. It is really hard to tell what colors are in your sofa pattern, but I guessed at green , rose and cream or Ivory and came up with these rugs as an example.

If you are interested, I would love to help you with furniture arrangement, and maybe a few other accessories such as cushions.
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Hi Karemore, Thanks a lot for your thoughtful feedback! By the way, the couch was given to us by a family member :)

It makes sense that the pattern be smaller than the couch so there isn't competition. Interesting note about the grey. I'll keep that in mind. In terms of style, overall I think I prefer modern but I just want anything that will tie everything together.

I like your rug suggestions. The colour of the couch is more of a yellow beige and a dark beige. I recently bought some blue pillows / vase to give the space some colour. I was thinking about having some blue in the rug.

What do you think about these rugs?||NoFacet-_-NoFacet-_--_-||NoFacet-_-NoFacet-_--_-

Those are just some of my previous musings so feedback is appreciated...

I tried to bring a white shaggy rug into the space about a month ago but the texture seemed off with everything else, so I think I want to minimize texture.

Sure I would appreciate any suggestions re: furniture arrangement / pillows! Thanks so much. I also attached some more pics.
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Sivster, that is funny - I could have sworn there was pink and green in that pattern, hence my choices lol! I see you are preferring modern, based on your rug ideas. I would say that, because of the curvy lines of the sofa and the chaise, your rug pattern should be curvy too. The patchwork and plaid rugs you picked are t connecting with these shapes in any way, and I think you will "feel" the disconnect if you saw these rugs in your space. It sounds like you do want the blue in the space, and I think you mentioned teal? (That might have been another post I was reading - also a rug dilemma lol). Anyway, if you would like to keep searching and posting your choices, I'll try and give you feedback. Also, your dilemma will refresh each time you do this, so many some others will join in. I'll scout around and see what I can find also, but it will probably have to be your own personal choice!
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The cadiz rug from C&B suits best in style and colour with the chaise longue and most furniture pieces in the space. It clashes with the sofa. But that is easily fixed with a slipcover.
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Angelina Vick
I think it would be a good idea to bring in some blues and greens with your rug and art. You have a very comfy feeling going...continue that on.

Ideas on some artwork.

A few rugs ideas.
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No guarantees any of these will work. I seem to be leaning toward picking up more on the cream/yellow of your sofa, and see the grey and blue colors more as accent colors. Any rugs that I looked at that were predominantly grey just didn't seem as if they could work with your sofa. Don't forget, you can really bring in the blue with the toss pillows, etc. I see your sofa as the main piece in your room and the chaise as an accent, so I lean this way with the rug choices too - make it work with the sofa first, and let the grey and blue support that.
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A few more ideas.
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I like Angelina's ideas of going with bold blues and greens. Despite the striped pattern, I see the sofa as being very neutral (that might be that my monitor is not showing the colors truly). I too tend to go for contemporary/modern, but I have some traditional pieces mixed in---I think that;s fun. I think the "comfy" traditional pieces soften the hard edges of the more contemporary pieces and add a touch of the unexpected. Your room has beautiful bones---I love the bank of windows as a focal point. That blocked blue and green rug that Angelina suggested would mimic the blocks of your window panes and the colors would look great against your beautiful hardwood floor. Then I would bring some more of the blues and greens into some throw pillows, some art above the sofa, and to frame the window. I think I would lose that Victorian floor lamp and replace it with a chrome and glass side table to echo the arc lamp, then maybe have a simple white-based table lamp. What's your view like---your home reminds me very much of what I would expect to find in NYC. I really love how you have mixed materials and styles. You are designing "you", rather than from a magazine page.
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Thank you all so much!!

It seems like there are two main thoughts here, going bold with blue or sticking to the neutral / yellow colours. I'm still not entirely sure of the direction but I'm trying to shop around to see if anything sticks. Going into selections... I'd rather avoid ordering online. (In the case that I'd need to return, I don't want to pay for shipping.)

Yesterday, I went to Pottery Barn.. found some possible options. There weren't any bold colours, though. Any feedback is really appreciated!

*I think this one is my favourite* -it's 'comfy. it's also 'smoked' blue so it probably incorporates some brown in addition to the blue - hard to see on the screen:|4294965079&group=1&sku=9511072&cm_src=rugs-by-style||FN-Rug%20Size-_-FN-8x10%27-_--_-

*This might be the runner up:*|chenille%2Bjute|5|best|0|viewall|24||1&cm_src=PRODUCTSEARCH||NoFacet-_-NoFacet-_-NoMerchRules-_-


There was also a solid light grey one in the store that isn't online.

Any other links would also be welcome.

Thank you!
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Also dbs959, you were pretty close... my view is from the 39th floor in downtown Toronto :)
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I recommend starting with the furniture arrangement to both separate the disparaging styles and make the room feel and look better. And it's free!
Rotate and put the sofa in front of the window with the coffee table in front of it and the pouf on the TV side. Angle the chaise into the room with it's back to the kitchen.
Before buying the rugh, consider your lighting. Both of the fixtures are holding you back more than a rug. Lose the torchiere, the light it provides is harsh and it's style is so off. I would also lose the modern floor lamp. Keep the light going down not washing the ceiling for more intimacy and warmth. Modern floor lamps with fabric shades would help to blend your styles.
With a better arrangement in place, you can move onto the next step. Sisal works well with the sofa and wood pieces. It's inexpensive and pulls those elements together. You could go with a black border to add a bit of black. Buy a big rug that includes the chaise.
Please don't try to pull black into the sofa. It's too harsh for the sofa fabric. Instead, consider bringing the cream/ beige (whatever is the predominant color of the sofa) onto the chaise, either with a kidney pillow and/or throw.
Side panels (burlap?) at the window would bring more harmony and add the texture and colors of the wood, sofa and sisal
Hang them from the ceiling. You can hide the vertical blinds until you need the daylight control.if it's a rental with a concrete ceiling consider IKEA's panels. They may be lightweight enough to hang without drilling into the concrete. Consult with your hardware store for a museum putty that could hold the promises on that, though.

This solution doesn't address your love of modernism, but makes what you have work. When you have the money, replacing the sofa would be your first purchase, and the sisal, new lamps and existing wood pieces would still work.
Final note: black simple museum frames for artwork, even black and white photos with those frames could be cool. If they're yours,even better. Keep them all the same size, hung at same level to move your eye around the room.That mirror on the floor could go over the console table to pull the traditional out into the space.
Final final note: notice, I'm staying away from color and leaning towards texture. Wait for your new sofa, keep it low back and neutral and then start to add color.
BTW I am a professional Interior designer and these suggestions are made without consulting you on your preference and are based on just your images (and over 30 years in the biz!)
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I actually like the sofa with your modern chaise. But I would move the chaise to the other side and angle it toward the windows.

Here are a few rugs that might work:
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Angelina Vick
Hi Sivster, as far as art selection, if there is a particular piece you like...I would be happy to offer you a digital mockup. :)

Seeing what it would actually look like would be a more educated decision instead of a guess.
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Suggestions from Overstock. Com. Comes in all sizes.
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Thank you for all of the great suggestions! In terms of selection I found some options at a local Pottery Barn and I'd appreciate your input... (I'd rather not buy from Overstock to avoid shipping fees.)
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Here's another image of the first one - right now this is my favourite, to bring some colour in the room. But I'm not positive that it would work. Any feedback (even negative) is appreciated!!
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I agree about Overstock...bought rug from them with 4.95 shipping but when I wanted to return, shipping would have been almost $80!!! Almost as much as rug cost. Still sitting in garage.... :(
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:( maybe you can sell it on Kijiji
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Angelina Vick
Make any decisions? =)
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Joe DeVitto
something medium tanned maybe a two toned so it will stay nice ... shaggy style have to think on too about do you wear shoes on it . lots of traffic going in and pets ... lots to think on it first... if its a room that gets a lot of use you want something will take a lot of wear and tear and stay nice looking at the same time .. hope this helps........
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Always choose rugs and carpets first and match the room to them . Get something you really fall in love with. Then get your fabrics to tone with the rug. Easy to cover those couch cushions and throw pillows. Then pick a colour or two from the rug and go buy paint. Also if have kids don't get large areas of solid colour on rug. Patterns hide stains. Ask the seller about wear and allergy characteristics of the rugs. Enjoy!
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