Replace shower tile floor
Sheila Kuchibhatla
October 10, 2013
2 year old shower floor looks 20. I can't keep up with scrubbing and the grout is grimy and I can see signs of mold near the glass wall; poor drainage, I'm guessing. What can I use on the floor for easy cleaning? The marble under the tempered glass collects water too. Thoughts please ?
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Call your shower installer back to talk about the problems and options for changes. Ask if the tile was sealed or if you are supposed to seal it yourself once a year. Point out the problem with the glass wall - I can't see it on the photos.

What color is the floor tile grout supposed to be? It looks orangey-brown on my monitor.

A good way to keep soap buildup from occurring in a shower is to switch to liquid soap from bar soap. Liquid soap is less likely to form soap scum from the minerals in hard water.

Are you running an exhaust fan for 15 minutes after each shower? Some people wipe down the whole shower, especially corners and edges, after each shower. It takes less than a minute.
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Deborah Butler, Brickwood Builders
It's important to have good ventilation in a bathroom to remove moisture in order to assist in mold/mildew prevention. If you have a standard 50 cfm fan, it might not be enough for your room or you might want to look into having your fan hooked to a humidity sensor so that it runs on its own as long as moisture is present.

The fan does not impact keeping the tile cleaned. If build-up as you described is already present, then you need to have the shower cleaned with a product such as Like New which can be purchased at a specialty tile store. After it is cleaned and has time to dry out for a couple of days (use another bath in the home) then go back and thoroughly seal the grout. I use the liquid sealer and a small brush and paint on sealer until the grout will no longer absorb it. Sometimes it can take several coats. The grout should be resealed every couple of years.
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If that is colored grout, it is an example as to why I dislike colored grout with white tile. I have used soft scrub with bleach on my white tile/white grout for years and they look like new, and I have never resealed them after the job was done;)
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I complete agree with Deborah Butler.
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CDR Design
I addition to the fan, you need to spray and wipe down a shower completely after each use. Good news: you will not have to clean your shower ever, since you are cleaning it every day. Takes a couple of minutes.

I learned this from my dear mother: drying is just as important as wiping.
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This is a little off the subject but several times I have read that liquid soap is better than bar soap. I love the liquid soap but when I started using it, my white washcloths turned embarrassingly gray. I have since switched back to bar soap and have had no more problems. I like white linens so that I can bleach them.
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Sheila Kuchibhatla
Thanks all. Yes colored grout, hate it. Even after I clean it looks murky. We squeegee after each shower and make a concerted effort to keep it dry. The points about the fan are helpful, thanks . I'm thinking the shower doesn't get enough air so I might need to change the positioning of the glass too ($). Also the tile resealing, great point, I'll ask .
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Gweire: that's a really interesting color change. I wonder what was going on. Could be a reaction between hard water chemicals, liquid soap, and white washcloth finish. Some liquid soaps have a lot of ingredients besides the usual detergents, preservatives, softeners, emulsifiers and so on. The hard water minerals vary a lot from location to location, too.
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Sheila Kuchibhatla
Great point re hard water . We are on a well but have all the softened etc.
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We also have well water but a softener also. There is a lot of rust in our water. I actually googled it and lots of people seem to have the problem. Someone suggested just using gray washcloths. LOL! Like I said I like using bleach for sanitary purposes but bar soap doesn't seem that sanitary either. Just a choice I have to make, I guess.
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Gweire: have you tried mixing a half teaspoon or so of liquid soap in a full glass of hot water to see what happens? I'm just curious if you get a precipitate on the bottom or water color change.

Sheila: does the water bead up on your wall tile like it does on a newly waxed car or form a smooth coating like on an unwaxed car?
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Glass Tile Store
I think the first thing you have to do is to get the drainage fixed because that seems to be where all the problems come from. Once you clear that up i think your problems with the tiles will go away.
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A Crew of Two
I do not see much of a slope in the shower- it should slope towards the drain. You could have the shower pan rebuilt- but it would be pricey. And then let the shower door float above the tile with no ledge to catch the water run off. For the shower glass- I use rainx to keep them shiny. Also, leave the door open for a bit with the fan running to circulate the air better.
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