Need master bedroom help - how to place the bed and color feedback
October 12, 2013 in Design Dilemma
I am planning on redecorating my master bedroom while my hubs goes camping. Always fun to surprise him with changes when he gets back AND he can't stop me if he's not here from doing what I want... lol.

Anyway - my dilemma is that our bedroom is small, and doors to closet, bathroom, back deck are all causing a problem. Not too many places to put the bed. It's not cozy and feels cluttered.

I have 2 drawings on grid paper and hope that someone can tell me if one is better than the other. If I keep the bed on the angle, (and I plan on ditching the headboard/footboard), I want to build up an angled shelf behind the bed to hold lamps, books, clock, etc...

If I move it up against the wall, I will build a faux headboard with moulding or something. I would like the bed to be as small as possible as a cal king can be. :)

Also, I am changing all of the colors to silver/gray/cream and touches of copper and slate blue. I wanted to paint one wall with horizontal strips with alternating gray paint (medium and light).

I have 2 more walls to figure out but don't want to publish a book right now with all of the detail... (One is regarding a wall mount TV and the other are floating shelves... I'll post more later).

So - that is my dilemma for now, hope the drawings are clear. Any feedback would be SO much appreciated. I start on Tuesday! yay!

okay - not sure how to post the other 3 pics... :(
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more pics here :)
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In a fairly small room I wouldn't be putting the bed at an angle. Straight is far better
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here it the complete paint palette sitting on the drapes...
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Actually this is a pretty good idea! It gives you more space on the wall side of the bed, always a problem for the person whose side that is....
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If it can only be one of the 2 positions I would do the one with the bed against the wall. But it seems like the bed should be on the longest solid wall. I do not believe in electronics in bedrooms so I can't help you with the ...ugh, tv. If your room feels cluttered and small paint it all one light color and use the darker colors for accents, art, textiles etc. No stripes. I like the color palette you have picked, that cinnamon color will really warm up the grays, and the drapes look great with those colors. The black metal wall art looks a bit out of place in this room, is there another room you could move it to?
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Hi bandjo97, Just wanting to explore possibilities here before I make up my mind - have you considered floating the bed in the room? Not right in the middle...I don't know, what do you think? I guess what I'm seeing when I look at your floor plan is this nice, big room and a humongous bed, yet it's relegated to a corner that isn't going to be ideal, whether it is angled or straight. Other opinions, anyone?
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The reason I'm thinking the floating idea could work is because years ago when I was painting my bedroom, I had the bed pushed to the middle for about a week, with the dressers behind it, and it was an interesting, cozy feeling. We actually slept better that week lol! I realize it brings up the logistics of plugging in lamps, etc. but it's worth mulling over.

So, would you DIY headboard come up quite high? Just trying to picture the bed in the corner here...
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Oh, I get it - if you go on an angle, you would build up a shelf behind it. OK, warming up to that look!
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If you do the bed on an angle, I'm thinking it should be centred on the corner a little more. It would look better, and you should still get clearance to the patio and bathroom doors. I can see this working, and place a bench at foot of bed so that when you walk into the room you get to see the gradiation of the bench to the bed to the shelf behind, rather than just BAM - the bed!
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Thanks for the fast responses.. wow!!

I forgot to mention that one of my goals was to have a clear line of site from the hallway to the outside. We have a side door that leads to the back patio, however, family often passes through our bedroom to the back patio... I will post a pic of the line of site. Also, I am not a fan of electronics in the bedroom either... believe it or now, I like doing wii exercises in there.. it's not a big TV.

Oh and yes... the big iron wall thing is being moved to the patio to be part of a trellis. The paper lamp is getting ditched as well. Did I mention lighting is our other dilemma? No ceiling lights. :(

Here is another view from the doorway looking at the "closet" doors and ugly green bookshelf that will also be removed and replaced with floating shelves.

And from the hallway... (wow my carpet is dirty! sigh...)
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I really dont think the angled bed is best for the room particularly if you want a clean line of sight
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I'm getting confused now - which is the doorway into the room in your drawing, and which is the patio door? Also, what is the bump-out, which I originally thought was a long closet? I see now that your closet is quite narrow...unless I'm still not getting it?
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Oh, I think I get it - the long "bump-out" is the patio doors? And the doorway that doesn't show a door is leading to the bathroom (probably swings in toward the bathroom?)
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oh - sorry - I should have labeled the doors better. The door right next to the head of the bed is the bedroom doorway. Directly across from the foot of the bed is an 8' slider. The doors to the right of the ugly iron wall art lead into a walk in closet. It's fairly big. On the opposite wall of the green shelves is the doorway into the bathroom.... sigh... doors on every wall.
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Banjo, I've finally made up my mind lol (can't speak for others!) that the bed should. It be angled. Just where you have it, backing onto the wall, gives best clearance for traffic patterns. Also, the spot where green cupboard is looks just big enough for your TV to either be wall-mounted or sit on a dresser, and gives you lots of space for wii. The opposite corner on right side of sliders looks like it could use a cute little chair, just to balance things a bit, and for a bit of softness in that corner.
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OH I get it better now. Wow every wall has a door! So they only left one possible place for the bed with your head next to the entry door. Sweet...sarcasm. I see why you are so challenged with this room! Paint all the walls one light color. White trim and doors. Bed flat against wall next to door leading to hall. Clean carpets no throw rugs. Remove green shelf at end of bed. Hang blackout curtains on a double rod with white sheers underneath over slider. Get glamorous with bedding and pillows. The bed should be the star here. Art over bed, or even a wall sticker, but no art on wall next to bed since it is a walkway to the bed you want it to be as open as possible. Add color with curtains and bedding. I think that is a dresser next to the bathroom door, you could paint it a fun color if you want more color. This layout gives you the most open uninterrupted carpet space visually enlarging the space and the light walls will make the room seem larger and less cluttered. Aside from the many doors the patio is a nice feature, it is a pleasant room, dress up the patio also to give the room a nice view.
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Hi, I've finished painting and I'm staring at this wall wondering if I want to do the 15" wide horizontal stripes or not on this one wall. The 2nd color is a lighter shade of gray. The bed will be placed right up against this wall. The headboard will either be walnut reclaimed wood (horizontal planks) going up about 4' the wall. OR I may do an framed headboard using painted moulding trim and another color or fabric within the frame. I'm almost done and getting a little stuck on the details. Any ideas? Thanks!
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I'm thinking that having a door on that wall is going to disrupt the stripe effect and maybe negate all your hard work. It's a gorgeous color btw. Any of your headboard ideas sound lovely, and I don't think you'll miss those horizontal bands at all once you're done!
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Hi there... I have omitted the stripe idea and now have a few more details to work out... I have these shelves that i was going to repaint. I'd rather reuse than purchase new, but they are maple. I can't decide whether to go with white to match a few of the other room details OR go with a dark color that matches the headboard. Above the headboard I plan on putting a set of white faux deer antlers. (to appease my hubs). Here are the 2 pics for reference...
(please ignore carpet, lighting and cords on shelves that aren't hidden yet. ) Thank you!
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