where to put light switches on a wall of windows
October 12, 2013 in Design Dilemma
our sunroom addition is to be all windows in French doors. The double gang outlet box for the interior and exterior lights is 4 inches and it seems we need two studs on either side of this to keep the window and door trim away from the switch plate. Is there a better way to accommodate a two gang switch box other than to create a 10 inch column in the middle of a what should be a wall of windows?
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Alison Inge
To add some humor...get a clapper >.
   October 12, 2013 at 8:49PM
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Lampert Dias Architects, Inc.
Can you put the switches in the adjacent room......the room that you walk through to get to your new addition? You will be leaving that way too, so you can turn the switch on your way in and on your way out.......
   October 13, 2013 at 3:39AM
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Fred S
Best check with AHJ. At least one switch needs to be IN the room it is servicing. Outside light could be on motion sensor in soffit. The code is open to a bit of interpretation here.

E3903.2 Habitable rooms.
At least one wall switch-controlled lighting outlet shall be installed IN every habitable room and bathroom.
1. In other than kitchens and bathrooms, one or more receptacles controlled by a wall switch shall be considered equivalent to the required lighting outlet.
2. Lighting outlets shall be permitted to be controlled by occupancy sensors that are in addition to wall switches, or that are located at a CUSTOMARY WALL SWITCH LOCATION and equipped with a manual override that will allow the sensor to function as a wall switch. E3903.3 Additional locations.

At least one wall-switch-controlled lighting outlet shall be installed in hallways, stairways, attached garages, and detached garages with electric power.
At least one wall-switch-controlled lighting outlet shall be installed to provide illumination on the exterior side of each outdoor egress door having grade level access, including outdoor egress doors for attached garages and detached garages with electric power. A vehicle door in a garage shall not be considered as an outdoor egress door. Where one or more lighting outlets are installed for interior stairways, there shall be a wall switch at each floor level and landing level that includes an entryway to control the lighting outlets where the stairway between floor levels has six or more risers.

Exception: In hallways, stairways, and at outdoor egress doors, remote, central, or automatic control of lighting shall be permitted.
   October 13, 2013 at 5:23AM
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