all stone!
October 14, 2013 in Design Dilemma
so soooo happy it's finally Fall. our 1840s stone home just does not wear Summer well. as much as we've tried, the stone just says: Cold Weather! to us. Especially the ground level, which is all exposed stone. Upstairs two levels have been plastered so they're workable. Maybe we just need a summer home LOL! any ideas anyone????
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Nancy Travisinteriors
Learn to love it. Your dogs seem too.
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Exposed stone is not a historic finish for an 1840 home. As lovely as it is, plaster (not drywall) is more authentic, and also helps retain thermal mass. Selective replastering might be an answer to make the stone less overwhelming.

Changing out the décor a bit may help. You have very warm autumnal tones in the room pictured. Swapping out accessories, maybe even the rug, for a different and lighter color palette might make it feel more summery. I have a stash of pictures and textiles and often change things out a bit for the seasons. How about some more blue and maybe straw colored accents to lighten things up a bit at least on the couch? Might work OK with the wall hanging, or you could swap it out for a painting and an inexpensive stencilled floorcloth or flatwoven rug.
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Perhaps I misunderstood your question--ASV Interiors and I have taken nearly opposite interpretations. Her recommendations would cozy it up for Fall and Winter, and mine would lighten it up a bit for Spring/Summer. More pictures of your home would be nice too.
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Angela Lee
You should swap out the decor! Right now your scheme is very monochromatic. Lots of browns and earth colors very fall and wintry warm and HEAVY. You're always going to have a warm cozy effect with the stone like that, but there are ways to lighten it.

-pick an accent fabric that picks off the hues in the stone but also introduces some new lighter and brighter colors

-replace the big heavy drapey tapestry with maybe a mirror or some serene art work with blues or pale yellows.

-Try introducing some light creamy colors as well as your neutrals.

-remove some throws and some clutter maybe think about painting the built-ins

I think navy and cream would look great in this space. with some fresh plants to add some green and brightness.

It would be great to see some other angles as well!
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Take a cue from that beautiful rug you have displayed on the wall. Go with the creamy yellow/ivories and turquoise blues that are in the rug. Go with lighter colors on the floor rugs and upholstery, paint a few of the wood pieces and you're home for the summer. To "winterize" when summer is over, change out the lighter summer floor rugs for the ones we are seeing in the picture and welcome cooler weather with open arms. WHAT A BEAUTIFUL HOME!!
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You can "summerize" your home when seasons change by getting some light colored slipcovers for the sofa/chairs, replace rugs with bound sisal or sisal look-alike rugs, and add accessories in your favorite summertime colors after removing the russet, red autumnal ones.
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WOW!!!! you guys are great! no problemo switching-out rugs (i have a vast collection of Persians.... variety of thicknesses/colors/patterns) I've moved that particular tapestry out....

we've many framed paintings but to us, we've never been able to leave one hanging.

i LOVE the idea of painting the shelves! that beam that's the mantle is original...and matches the ceilings.

this ground floor was the barn in days of yore. room you see is 1/2 the width...behind the mantle wall is another section same width, we use it as utility room/storage/pantry.

the upstairs is plastered. exposed beams, but walls are plastered and between beams have been drywalled covering the old painted narrow boards.

there's a third floor we use as our office on 2/3s and a giant closet on the other side. i'll get some more pics up. maybe christmas... as this house is like most others and it LOVES that holiday :)
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Look forward to the Christmas photos, and the summer transformation!
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