Refinishing kitchen cabinets professionally - expensive?

glaaatOctober 15, 2013
Hi, I am curious how expensive it is to refinish kitchen cabinets if it is done by professionals? These are the cabinets. Thank you.
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by 'refinish' do you mean paint?

how big is your kitchen (ie. how many cabinets do you have?)

what is it you are hoping to accomplish by refinishing your cabinets?
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The kitchen was done 8 years ago and while it looks nice there are a lot of imperfections such as scratches, chips and just faded and dirty color. It needs patching up and new color. I don't really know what the process includes but would like to do it right.

I am not sure what you mean by how many cabinets but if you mean separate cabinets that open, than around 40 + island.

Thank you for your time.
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Cabinet Gallery LTD
Lianay, there are a few different types of "reface" options. The first (most cost effective option) is called or referred to as Reface, and the second (higher investment option) is called a Refinish.
REFACE-when you install a new style door and drawer front on your existing cabinetry. The new doors/fronts are then finished the same as your existing cabinets. Typically new hinges are used on the doors, but existing drawer slides and boxes are reused. A rough estimate for the "reface" option is around $100-$250 per door. (Depending on location, door options and details). Labor would be additional, usually a day or two job, depending on kitchen size.
"Refinishing"-when you install new doors/fronts and also refinish (re-stain or re-paint) all of the cabinet face frames and finished sides/moldings/toe kicks. This is typically a higher investment because of the additional labor involved to refinish the cabinets, etc in-house. It's a longer process, that can sometimes creep up in the range of all new cabinetry costs.

Keep in mind that with either option your drawer slides and drawer boxes are re-used, so make sure they are in fairly good condition before you put additional money into the existing cabinets. Drawer slide technology has come a long way, so don't discount the value of an upgrade.

Considering your cabinet color and glaze detail, you might be best with a reface. Finish with a solid color paint (similar to existing) and replace all of the applied door finished sides. Keep the existing cabinets face frame color, as most of the frame will be covered by the new full overlay doors. The clean lines of a shaker door or a classic simple raised panel would be great for the color scheme and decoration of the kitchen.

Best of Luck with the project.

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Rockin' Fine Finish
Refinishing with a stain will be the most expensive for painting the cabinets it will be less but this will all depend on your location
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Cabinet Gallery LTD thank you so much or your detailed answer. So REFACING would mean changing out the doors, but how would the colors match? Also I would loose that antiqueish dark crease finish correct?
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You need to call some local professionals and get an few estimates. We repainted our kitchen cabinets just white with no finish or antiquing. Had one estimate of 2,000 and one for 500. We went with the 500 and it looks great. We knew the quality of his work and we saved 1,500.
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Rockin' Nice Finish, thank you. We are in Long Island, NY.
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Leelee what am I searching for? Cabinet refacing or refinishing?

Did they do everything on the spot or took doors or cabinets off? Do your cabinets look like they were painted or look like this is how they came?
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Whitfield Properties
I suggest you have a painter repaint using white acrylic paint. Maybe a creamy white shade since your older cabs are very a creamy color. You won't have the cool glaze that you have now, although you could but that adds another step and the results are sometimes unreliable...but what you will have is a fresh new appearance...which is what it sounds like you are after. Also...why not have some fun picking out some cool new hardware? Also consider having the doors converted to European (hidden) style hinges. I couldn't tell if they were already. This would be a subtle update as well.
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Whitfield Properties
One last idea for you...why not think about removing every last nick-nack from your counters...including the items on the very top...and start over. Keep it simple and not too cluttered. Do you have under counter lighting? Lastly...while your at it...maybe cut out the body of one or two doors and add glass from behind...and then light that up. Show off your prettiest glasses.
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Whitfield properties, this is a picture of the kitchen while it was owned by the previous owners, I also hate clutter so I am with you. I LOVE the idea of glass doors but being that we already have a few on the other side, do you think more will be overkill?
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And yes there is under counter lighting.

And here is another picture, one more view.
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I think the back splash is making it look dated.
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Whitfield Properties
Well, the granite and the sink look great, btw. As far as the glass cabs...yes I think less is more...if you've already got that accent employed already. You to confuse you further because I know how it with that granite color and the wrought iron and the big cook top...I'm actually thinking a dark cabinet would look handsome. Don't faint...but you could probably paint them black and get a cool look. Kind of mediterranean especially since you have the tile floors rather than wood. A quicker fix might be the back splash like someone else suggested. You could probably put a fabulous glass mosaic tile up...sold in 12 by 12 squares...and get this...PUT IT RIGHT UP OVER THE OLD. he he. That would be a quick fix and a lot of bang for the buck! Just an idea.
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MS Colours Inc
Paint them a solid color using Fine Paints of Europe Brilliant. You will have a new clean look. This paint will last and cleans easy.
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Cabinet Gallery LTD
Lianay, Correct, Refacing would include replacing the doors and drawer fronts only. The paint color would be matched to one of your existing doors or face frames, so the new doors would match. As far as the glazing goes, a good refacing company should be able to offer you different glaze options to suit your taste. Or, if you wanted to keep the paint a solid color white, that would work as well. I think either finish option you go with will be an improvement over those very busy looking bead board doors with glazing.
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Cabinet Gallery, thank you! I guess I will make some phone calls and see what kind of estimates the professionals give me.

I will keep you all posted on what we decide to do and provide pictures once we are done. Thank you all.
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Whitefield Properties, you gave me something to think about when saying to paint the cabinets dark... Would you or anyone else happen to know what the name of the color/style of this granite countertops is? I want to look around and get some ideas. Thank you in advance.
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I think the cabinets are wonderful and look like they might have been expensive when first installed. And I like the existing hardware. Perhaps painting the island a different color would be a nice change. I love the antiquing on the cabinets so I would go back with that type of treatment if possible. I think your kitchen is wonderful!
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There is a company called N-Hance. Not sure if they are in your area.
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