house addition facelift
Dave EisamanOctober 17, 2013
This is an addition i designed myself from nothing. I bought this ranch house and gutted the entire thing and gave it an old world feel throughout the house. once i had the existing house remodeled, i added the addition on the front. Took me a while to find a contractor to take a 30yr old guy serious about doing this job. But i did find a contractor who was willing to work with me to frame up my design. All interior work was done by myself.
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Beautiful!!! Why did you do the inside first, didn't the addition change the rooms inside?
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Dave Eisaman
the addition was all in front of the existing house. everything in the after photos is added onto the front of existing house. approx 800sq ft of space was added to front
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Paradise Restored Landscaping & Exterior Design
Wow! Love this face-lift! Pretty awesome B& A!
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Rick Spence
Really nice with the brick facade and roofline. Consider staining the walkway as well.
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Dave Eisaman
I just got done staining the walkway last week lol
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Wow! What a transformation, it is beautiful. My husband and I recently purchased an old home with a similar look. It has a long and uninviting appearance. There is a carport, no garage. The worst part is that on the inside, the front portion of the house is narrow and there is no hallway in the home. I suggested to a contractor that we were planning a remodel in which we would push the front of the house out some to add room for a hallway while also making the narrow living space larger with a better flow. We also wanted to add a garage to the left side of the home off the kitchen area where our carport is now. The contractor told us that if we hired someone to do this, it would cost us the same or more to just build a new home somewhere on our property. This crushed me some and even more after I called and asked another contracting company the same question and received the same answer. I never would have imagined adding onto a house around 800 feet could cost as much a building a new home. Could you please give any advice or more information on how you accomplished your amazing addition? I don't want to give up on our idea, but if it costs the same as building an entire new house, why not just do that sometime later, especially when we have a little under 20 acres? How did you finish your project without it costing you the price of a new house?
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Dave Eisaman
Thank You. I did a great majority of the work myself. The design, layout of everything and ordering of supplies (basically cut out the general contractor) I was fortunate to have a contractor who was able to take my design and put it into cad form. Im a graphic designer (vinyl graphics for vehicles and such) so my program uses inches and ft. so basically i was able to design my house to scale on a computer. I used to do concrete work when i was in my late teens and early 20s. n My dad is very knowledgeable with home construction and i just took everything i was taught and put it into my work. I didnt cut any corners and i did things to code. If you have the ability to do it yourself, you are goin to save a ton of money. I also bought alot of stuff at Lowes on gift cards and discount coupons on top of things being on sale. I didnt pay retail price on anything on my addition. i had coupons totaling 55% off on most stuff from windows, doors, shingles and insulation. I also knew a guy who is a general contractor for some expensive homes in my area and he gave me his best hookups on contractors to do misc stuff like the roofing, stonework and drywall. The deals i got with them, i couldnt have done cheaper myself for the time it took them. Contractors can stick you if you dont know anything. There were a few things he tried up charging me on in the framing and such and i was able to make reasonable deals for the changes. If you have the area, and you love your location, you cant put a price tag on it. My house was originally the worst house on the street. but the location was awesome. i knew it had potential when i bought it. my parents were always believers in me but never knew how big my vision really was. But to get what you want for under what it takes to build have to do as much as possible yourself. It took me 6yrs to be able to remodel my whole house and do the addition. I have 2 businesses so trying to juggle those and make time to do the work was time consuming. I have winters off so i spent my time off doing a project each yr.
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Beautiful! You did a great job.
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Sustainable Dwellings
That looks unbelievable!
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Studio S Squared Architecture, Inc.
very this your residence or an investment project?
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Darlene Thatcher , Avalar Atlantic Properties NJ
Love it. Glad you were patient to find just the right contractor. I was worth it.
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Dave Eisaman
This is my home. Everyone asks if im going to sell it but i built this to my liking so its nice to walk around a home knowing everything is exactly the way u envisioned it
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Dave Eisaman
If i had the Extra money, there would be some more add on features to the design. I would have like to have done Brick instead of the siding to go with the Stone work but everything comes at a cost. I did do Stucco above the entry way and my side entry to the right of the garage which is recessed behind the addition (which u can not see in the after pics)
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