Bed in condo
October 18, 2013
I am trying to furnish a bedroom in a condo. The room is 9 feet and the bed I want to get is 7 feet deep. Would 2 feet of space from the wall between the bed be to tight and look too cluttered? The thing is, the frame has about three inches around the actual mattress which is taking up some room. Should I find a bed with a thinner frame? I really like this bed and would like to make do, but it's hard to imagine if it will look to cluttered without actually putting the bed there. Thoughts??
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CDR Design
Generally, you want at least 3 feet to walk btn spaces.

However, if the bed is something you really like and the bed will be more permanent for you than the condo, I would buy the bed you like.
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PH Interiors, LLC
You may want to rethink this bed in terms of everyday use. I think you'd find it annoying to have to squeeze around the bed. And yes, it would look very tight space-wise. A compromise might be go with the headboard but use it with a smaller platform frame under the mattress.
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Lampert Dias Architects, Inc.
Two feet is tight but I agree with cdrdesign, buy it if you love it.......just double check the dimensions one more time before ordering.....make sure that you really do have 9 feet in the room and that the bed isn't any bigger than 7 feet...
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Thank you all for your input.

It is a low bed with no box spring. So I thought it wouldn't be a big deal. But I'll keep looking around for a thinner frame.

Thanks again
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CDR Design
Right and keep in mind small protrusions like a baseboard, where you will have to move the bed even further from the wall. We are talking every inch counting here.
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