I need help redesigning my kitchen/closet space. I would like to add o
Stacey Roy
October 20, 2013
I want to redesign kitchen so not so cluttered
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With a small kitchen, every inch counts to have room for a work area and storage. I suggest installing additional and more efficient kitchen cabinet system utilizing the whole wall (from floor to ceiling) where you have the chest freezer and metal office filing cabinet.

Another way to utilize your space more effectively is to replace your counter top microwave with an over the range microwave and replacing your chest freezer with a narrow upright freezer instead so you can use the whole height of this wall.

You probably have 'underutilized' space under your kitchen island. Installing pullout drawers will make it more efficient [houzz=Small Expandable Pull-Out Shelf]

Using organizers such as under shelf storage, behind cabinet door storage, organizing racks inside the cabinets and under t he cabinets will be a big help too

houzz=Rev-A-Shelf In-Cabinet Chrome Cabinet Organizer][houzz=Polytherm Undershelf Baskets]
[houzz=Behind the Door Wire Storage]
[houzz=Iron Spice Rack]
[houzz=Wusthof Under-Cabinet Swinger Block]

I also suggest placing a pot rack above your kitchen island as storage just like this one:
[houzz=Large Gray Ceiling Pot Rack]
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If you can't tackle the clutter alone, enlist a friend who has her's under control and be ruthless. Once things are cleared out, take more photos and we'll see if we can suggest other options.
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Or call a professional organizer. Look on the net under NAPO.
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definitely take a hard look at the clutter and what needs to go.

using the organizational things posted already will help so much.
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You need to do a serious, serious decluttering before you go out and buy organizers. Yes, either get a professional organizer or a friend who can help you be strict about yourself. Here's one thing I learned in the last few years while temporarily renting people's furnished homes: everybody has too much stuff, mainly multiples of items you only need one of! So pare down.

Here's a trick: Look up online articles about setting up the kitchen your first apartment. You only NEED THE UTENSILS, NUMBER OF BOWLS, DISHES, GLASSES, PANS, ETC. on that "first apartment" list. I've been in houses that have five corkscrews, four can openers, three slotted spoons. You've only got two hands, and only one dominant one. So for many, many utensils, you only need one--get rid of the rest. People save way, way too many plastic containers and they always need a whole cabinet for them. Keep four containers and lids for each size. Recycle the rest.

Start small. Pare down those plastic containers to hardly any. Get a large dishpan for under the sink at a dollar store. Put your cleaning stuff in the dishpan. Get a small wastebasket that fits under the sink for foil, plastic wrap, sandwich bags, etc. That frees up a cabinet drawer. Then move on to one cabinet and one drawer at a time. Store things in "stations." Food prep near the stove if there's a counter and cabinets there. Have a baking cabinet for mixer, processor, measure cups and bowls--no more than 2-3 of each--with your spices up above along with baking ingredients in see through plastic containers where you do your baking. Store dishes, glassware near the dishwasher or your cleanup sink. If you have one of those deep corner cabinets--most people hate them--dishes go there. Keep food items on straight shelves near where you prepare food.

Yes, there are great organizer items out there. But you're the key organizer of them all. Send updates when you're done. Good luck!
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Arletta Sloan
A great idea I saw, from IKEA, is to use their towel rail, attached to the ceiling, along with some simple hooks, to hang pans from. It's cheaper than a pot rock, looks nice, and really gets them up and out of the way.
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