Popcorn ceilings
October 20, 2013
There are pros and cons of popcorn ceilings . My condo ceiling has the heaviest popcorn I have ever seen. Is there a way to partially remove some of the texture?
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Deborah Butler, Brickwood Builders
I believe that anything you do will not work unless you have it all removed. I am not aware of a way to partially remove it. The ceiling material should be tested for asbestos and if positive, should be removed by an abatement company.
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Aimee Prom
We had a mudding specialist come and put a fine layer of mud on our walls and now they are smooth and beautiful.
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If there is asbestos, could be safer and cheaper to just put up a new ceiling over the old, if you have the space. Otherwise, a coat of paint will keep the asbestos from breaking up and out of the atmosphere. I would only knock it all down if the place was vacant, and you were replacing the carpet as well. A professional company will minimize the mess and spread of dust, but it would make me nervous to do it in my living areas with a lot of soft surfaces.
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No asbestos used.
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I did all of mine. Has to be done before it is painted. Much easier! Primed and painted after! Now I love it!
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Scrape it with a scraper. Gets very dusty . Very simple to do.
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Wet it with a spray bottle before you scrape it. And wear a dust mask anyway. You can actually buy a popcorn scraper at Home Depot.
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I hate popcorn ceilings and even worse, the plaster ceilings. Anyone know if thats able to be removed?

What is wrong with builders??????
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Most ceilings are plaster or plasterboard, what do you mean?

Popcorn is faster and cheaper way to finish the ceiling because it all doesn't have to be so carefully taped and sanded. That's why they did it, but people hate it so much now that I don't think it is done as much as it was.

I once knew someone who had a ceiling with sparkles in it (circa 1978 or so) and we thought it was pretty neat--of course I was pretty young at the time.
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I misspoke, I meant the textured ceilings they do. Where it is sponge marks all over the ceiling. I know it is cheaper but it sucks when you want an updated house.
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Fred S
A "popcorn" ceiling was originally an acoustic ceiling. It is meant to keep down the noise in a house with hardwood floors and linoleum. What comes around goes around, and now you can see people on here replacing their carpet with hardwood and then asking what to do about the noise.
Because you mention "condo" and "thick", there is a good chance that this is something more. It can be a sound barrier from the neighbors upstairs or to greatly improve acoustics in your own place due to building methods.
It can also be a part of a fire rated assembly that you had better not mess with due to putting your neighbours lives at risk. This could come with serious consequences.
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lkilgore75, I'm wondering if it could be sanded off with a power sander.
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lkilgore75, I found a youtube video made by a couple who smoothed out her parent's walls. Their blog is: a little bite of EVERYTHING. The youtube video is in their blog. I searched "remove popcorn" in their blog and it came right up. Sorry, I don't know how to add a link to their blog using my ipad. The texture they were working on is not what I consider popcorn. I was much less textured than popcorn. Anyway, it is a lot of work! When they were finished they primed and painted the smooth walls.
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I believe what Aimee Prom did, hiring somebody to do the work, is the easiest and fastest way to do it. It may cost a lot more than doing it yourself but a professional will be faster and should clean up afterwards. The cleanup alone would be worth the expense to me.
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