Big empty living/dining room with light wood floor
channingmhOctober 21, 2013
Very new to decorating, and it's quite hard to browse the spectacular pictures on this site and envision my room looking like that, especially on a budget. The room in question is an open, bright living room/dining room with a large window but otherwise underwhelming lighting. Some essential items that I'd love some advice on include blinds (the window is 96" wide by 46 inches tall), light fixtures (to replace the square lights, one of which is seen in the picture) and a general color-scheme for furniture. I generally prefer darks, but with the light (fake) wood floor and white walls, I don't want things to look to contrast-y. Would love your help!
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You might put the light back in your space mechanically by painting the walls a nice yellow. It would provide a good background for the neutral sofas ( good choice) above, your dark woods and navy accents -would that work for you? Delineate w white trim, white doors and white blinds w navy tape. Your square light isn't squared over your table, so I also suggest looking at a swagged drum chandy, to get the light where it is used.
If you can show the rest of the space, we can address additional concerns.
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You don't want venetian blinds. They tend to be boring. I'd recommend you start with rugs, art and curtains, which ever you find more interesting. Find something you love and use the color scheme from it.
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Cellulars can be ordered in solid colours, and if you go that route, you might want to paint the inner window area to give some weight to the treatment. Drapery panels will also soften, and a console of some type centered between would fill the wall.
Taped wood blinds have many options for interest. They can be used on their own, come in variety of options in grain, colour and tapes, and would lend some substance to the window. I have suggested the white because it will maintain uniformity and add light to the room, but there are other choices available.
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