Kitchen Lighting Help!
October 23, 2013
The kitchen in our newly purchased home is too dark, even with 12 4" cans, for our taste. The cans are probably too small and placed too far apart, 5 1/2'. There are currently 2 rows of 5 and we are adding more this week. We originally were just going to add 2 more rows of 5 in between the 2 current ones and above the counter/sink area, but we think this will make the ceiling look like swiss cheese and is probably way too many lights lined up in a near perfect grid. Now I'm think about adding 3 in between the current rows, 1 above island, 1 above cooktop and 1 at the opposite end, and 3 lined up with others directly above the counter/sink area. My thinking is that this will break up the grid look and still introduce more light into the work and darker areas. We have partial access above so we don't have to tear the ceiling apart to retrofit. I should note that the kitchen is much darker than it appears in the pic. Also, we do have undercabinet lighting but would like to have countertop area brighter without having to turn them on. Does anyone have any advice? Thanks!
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Do you have undercabinet lighting? If not, that should be your next step as it puts light right on the work surface.
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Thanks for the response. Yes, there are currently old, large fluorescent tubes that we will be replacing either with LED or XENON once we installed new Carrara countertops and white tile backsplash. We like to have the countertop area bright without having to switch on the undercabinets.
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Marilyn Wilkie
Wait until you install new under-cabinet lighting. Then see if you need more on the ceiling. The new countertops will be beautiful! I hate fluorescent lights with a passion!
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Have you thought of pendant lights above the island? I just installed 3 above my island and it makes a world of difference. Under cabinet lights will sparkle with your new choice of countertop and tiles.
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Winterhouse Kitchens, Bath & Custom Woodwork
If you're planning on light counter tops and a white back splash, you may find that those additions create a lot more light in those spaces. As a result, you may not require as many actual lighting fixtures as you are planning. You may fair better to wait for the counter tops and back splash, and then reevaluate your lighting needs. Your kitchen is beautiful! Enjoy your new home!
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John James O'Brien - Design for Inspired Living
I agree that the marble will reflect more light, but suggest a centre decorative pendant or ceiling light cold be a welcome focal point with the benefit of adding general, diffused light. I like the Justice Design ceramics which come in a range of designs--everything from geometric to organic. The shades are three dimensional and the light comes through very attractively.
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install a led strip behind the light valance... with the new countertop and backsplash this will light it up enough without the expense of the puck lights
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Hi dastro, congrats on your new home ! Do you happen to know how bright is each of your recessed ceiling LEDs (approx. how many lumens per LED) ?
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My experience is that can lights don't provide much light. I hated mine. I agree you should wait on lighting decision for the new counters and backsplash. Definitely start with undercounter lights, then make other lighting decisions. I would use pendants or a central hanging light with plenty of wattage.
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