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October 23, 2013 in Design Dilemma
We just moved into a new house. It is a 100 year old Colonial with several updates and additions. Most of the rooms lend themselves to a particular layout, but I'm having trouble with furniture placement in the living room. It has a lot of entries into other rooms: 2 doors to front room, 1 doorway to front/stairs to upstairs, 1 large doorway to dining room. Plus it has 2 radiators for heating and a fireplace that all can't be moved. The room is large, but not huge.

Our furniture is all terrible so we are going to be buying pretty much everything. We don't have a huge budget, but are willing to spurge a little on a nice sofa or add pieces as needed. We spent the last two years living in India and brought back a large set of ornately carved doors that we would like to mount on a wall if possible. So I'd love opinions on sofa shapes and sizes and chairs for our space.

We don't want the tv over the fireplace. So it needs to go on one of the other walls at about eye height. I'm not sure where to place seating or what kind of sofa to buy. I'd love any placement help!

I'll attach a floor plan with measurements and a couple pictures of the fixed items. I'll also include a picture of the doors we would like to hang on a wall as decorative objects. Thanks in advance!

Oops, I put the corner picture twice and forgot the measurements. I'll include them in the next post.
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Oops, looks like my floor plan measurements didn't attach. I'll try again
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I'd put the TV on a new credenza. Place a sectional in the large corner with the 8 and 9 foot walls. Try one wing against the 9' wall, with large art behind it. Then with the other wing pulled away from the 8' wall you could slip a slender sofa table behind it with a pair of lamps and decor, possibly more art above it. Since the room is square try a round coffee table A large area rug should slip just under the first 1/3 of the sofa's two wings, Add a pair of swivel chairs to the grouping. They'll rotate to see TV or FP. To use your doors, hinge them together for a folding screen. Place it by the window left of the FP and put a tall live plant, or a tall and short plant, in front of it. If and when you find you can afford it, add tall furniture to the longer walls, pulling the sectional further into the middle of the room - centering on the FP.
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Thanks for the suggestions. The thing the tv is currently on is actually storage for the kids' rooms. We just didn't want to mount the tv without choosing a permanent place and borrowed it from their rooms until we buy a new media console or shelves. That will definitely go!
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What do you think about the rest of my suggestions? Do you like sectionals?
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if you don't care for sectionals, you could do 2 sofas or a sofa and loveseat.
if you do that, i would suggest doing 2 different fabrics for them, but with the main color being the same, so they coordinate, but don't blend together.
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I'm not opposed to a sectional, I'll use whatever works best in the room whether it is a sectional or two separate pieces. The tv is currently on the 6ft stretch of wall between the two doors and radiators. If I put a sectional up against the 9 ft wall, the seating is away from the fireplace, and both far away from and diagonal to the tv. I'm not sure where the in grouping I would put the chairs--everywhere I try seems awkward. Here's a quick pic of a sectional in that corner. Not that I would pick that sectional, but I just grabbed one to get a sense of approximately how it would fit.
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The trick will be to get an apartment sized sectional and float it in the center of the room (away from both walls) with a coffee table (glass will help keep things feeling open.) Then on the TV side of the area rug use two accent swivel chairs . Notice how the large rugs make for a look that is deliberate and high impact. I think that is major to anchoring the room. As long as there is space to walk behind the two wings of the sofa I don't think the space will feel congested. Just go for a lower back sofa so the sight lines around the room won't be blocked. Floating furniture often makes a room seem larger than it looks when you put it against the walls. If you put the doors and plants in the corner left of the FP, you don't actually need to have space to get around the sofa there. If there happens to be an outlet there you could use an arc floor lamp to "lean" over and light the coffee table.
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